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Confession of Atykah Aura
Just don't give up.


Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Sunday, February 15, 2009


! Huh...She's back..What the hell..Sorry guys i just taking my break for a while.The casual website www.shiiaty22.blogspot.com is not be back again because i'm deleting it already.A new problems that i hate to avoid it..Argg hate that memory( i don't want to remember it again).

New look, page, website's name(www.thepassionate22.blogspot.com).I choose that name because i think i'm into a lot of passion in myself.Ya, I like Art, Music, Guitar and Song's Lyrics..What else? Urr...i really don't have any idea right now because i don't know how to express this.Help me!! I know my english is Sucks!!!!

Why do you back??
Answer: No idea.. I just want to share my stories to the other i think.I don't want to stop writing and give this to the moon.'Moon i want to share all my story to you.Hear my thought right now!'.I miss my friends in blogger since i'm not be in friendster member now! So naive and childish..Daahh not interested in Friendster again..Grown up! Be a woman! Mature please!
So if there any people who know si Atykah please don't be shy to say Hi or Bye(urr..!) and for the people who doesn't know me i'm glad to be your friends..I like Friends...

Here 5 things that people should know who is me?
1.Easygoing.HI and BYE
2.She like to laugh all the time( Must be crazy? No..!)
3.Am i a good friend? I guess i am or.....NOT!..
4.Obsessed to my TWILIGHT stuff (Die hard! Die hard! Aware! i can talk, talk, talk about twilight all the time.Show me now..Ask me now!)
5.Humble(All the TIME!!!)

So that's it~
Don't shy! Don't fright!
Be back again!!
--Sign off aty22--

♥just smile
11:11 PM