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Monday, February 16, 2009

Twilight special edition Dvds and Robert Pattinson Album

I don't know about this special edition of Twilight in Brunei? Urr..I guess they don't have it yet for this DVDs.Howevef, I still awaiting the original-vivid Twilght Dvds on this upcoming in the middle of march.I think.Because in Us and Uk they will publish it in the 
middle of March and early of April.I'm so excited about it.Oh yaa..~Booked me once!Let's sacrifice your little money for Twilight.It's make worth.And ya i read about this Twilight where 'The kissing scene with Robert and Kristen will be delete '..Haha..i like that..I hate/don't want to watch it.Edward kiss like a lion..Rrrr!!

*My Oh My I'm introduce to you 'THE ROBERT PATTINSON ALBUM'*

It is filled with over 75 full colour photographs as well as information regarding Robert, his career, and his life thus far. You’ll see candids, Twilight movie stills, as well as never-before-seen photos as this book explores the inner workings of one of Hollywood’s most promising stars.

I don't know when this will come out in Brunei Bookstore.I do hope to get this Rphatz Album.On the way collecting the Twilight stuff.Obsession girl to Twilight..!:D

The witty british humble guy name Robert Pattison.He also known as Rob and Rphatz or the girl who dying to marry him but not expecting a BABY..'Throw her out at the window''

♥just smile
9:40 AM