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Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

.This is one of my private lyric that everyone should not know about this.I never tell anybody that i wrote lyrics.I know it's kind of weird.And,really i don't know this lyrica or whatsoever looks like a lyric to you because this is what it is.Lyrics..I'm really sucks in LOVE lyrics but i'll try my best.I'm mostly wrote about my whole day what am i having a problem today? am i lonely? thats all.But not love.I try to write lyric about Jacob Black.Haha..i know it's kind of freak.Whatever..!
I like it.I wanna try.I guess it's only take about 5 minutes to finish my Jacob lyric.I try to post here if i want it..:D
Here it come one of my l.o.v.e boring lyric.Hehehe.
This lyric called 'Entering the chest of my heart'
Every midnight
i dream about this boy
his so perfect
in my vision

# I never meet him before,
i never realise him before
why is he entering the chest of my heart?
And called my name

I always afraid of my dream
I don't want to be a loser
My friends called me a jerk
Because of this unreal guy

I don't want to be like this anymore
Please, help me God
Help me,
To figure this out about
my mysterious guy


His not longer mine
because this is way it is
I have to leave you alone
And swear don't come back

Well, the end.So how was it? weird huh..Actually i put this lyric because this is a requested by a friends of mine in thetwilightsaga. I hope you liked it since i'm kind of afraid a criticize from people.Seriously, tell me i'm not..!!!
Any comments..? puh-lis!!!!!

♥just smile
11:09 PM