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Confession of Atykah Aura
Just don't give up.


Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ok. I know. I have to away about 2 months and i'm totally sure that i'm not going to update my blog.So remind that to all of you.However don't forget to check and visit my blog ok! I want you 
i needs you.I missed everything.My twilight friends, My blog friends, Robert Pattinson's birthday and Kristen Stewart's birthday plus new moon story.Well i got a bit but i needs to know they shooting in Italy. Ermm..Just wait and see..
So see all of you after my exam and it will finish on 26th may.And sure i'm going to update after that with a new hotz stories.Yay, i'm so excited.!!
Wish me good luck for everything~

I'll be back soon..ready to pack bye bye

♥just smile
3:24 PM

I went to all the websites that i visit at..Mostly it's just the same.Well i want one also.I laugh with his confession.He such a cute guy you know.I hope Robert Pattinson will know my blogs and read this.

I get this at
www.lionandlamblove.org and www.robertpattinsononline.com and ya this is what i mean about what i laugh about him..Haha..seriously Rob are you did that..??

1. I heard that you follow all the online gossip about you?

I read that and thought it was such bullshit. I was like, "God, I sound like such a loser!"

2. So that's not true?

Well, I do sometimes. I used to a lot more before and then ... I only look at the negative stuff. I just want to know whoever's saying negative stuff, and I just want to remember their names. I write it all down in my black book. [Laughs]

3. Is it true that you took a fan out for dinner?

That is true, yeah.

Pssst..i'm laugh out loud with this confession he said.Oh ya especially number 2..are u doing that.Really? Rob??? well, urrr...awkward and do you have to remind the name and put it in your black book.I guess it's just a metafora.
Rob can u take me to a dinner with you during my birthday, perhaps..(smile)

♥just smile
2:58 PM

I'm kind of interested with this picture.Wow! They're really good together.Love them so much.I'm grateful they're Edward Cullen and Bella Swan.I guess for the future.It might be the lovely couple of the year.

I love this picture.


♥just smile
4:17 AM

Seriously all of you.I have to go home where i belong.Cry! ha ha ha..
I have this big exam coming out on 20th april until 26th may.SHOOT!..Thats mean i'm not going to update my blog and visit my Twilight page.I will miss that a lot.Oh ya I just to make it advance before i'm late.I just want to say Happy Birthday to Robert Pattinson on 13th May (advance) haha..i know i will not going to update that day.So lets make things fast yaa..
HAPPY 23rd BIRTHDAY Robert Pattinson


♥just smile
4:00 AM

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Who this who??

Rob ex-girlfriend(haha..don't then)
She has lived most of her life in London. She went to school there with Robert Pattinson, who lived around the corner and they ended up at the same drama school.
“Rob is still a really good friend of mine. He’s hopefully going to come here, if he can get a break from working. I gave him my paintings when we lived together in London. Now he’s commissioned me to paint one for him and I’m working on it.
“I do really big abstract canvases, influenced by geometric patterns like chessboards and latticework, mainly black and white. I’m interested in optical illusions.”
Shown a dating gossip website printout with herself and Pattinson featured, she reacts icily:
“That means there’s a whole website making money out of me and I’m not getting a cut''!

♥just smile
4:48 PM


Rob hang out with chick.Duh..I dunno.This is the girl that he hanging up in Vancouver,bar.Well that's new.Robert seem really comfortable with that girl huh.I admit that girl is pretty enough though.WHATEVER!...

More gossip from Twilight kiddo at here(click me)

♥just smile
12:33 PM

Friday, March 27, 2009

I just want to update my bloggeee..
So i make this kind of things...~
Say that who..? what..?

*Robert Pattinson:: His tall, British, Hotz, Unique, Nice dazzling eyes and smile, cute laugh and i love him so much!!

*Twilight:: The books and the movies are the awesomer ever.


*Edward Cullen:: Romantic, Well-behavior, Charming, the most beautiful and very over- protective.Bite me Edward..!!! RRRrrrrr..

*Jacob Black::  A good friends, Good lovers (for me) and good sense of humour.Team Jacob Black!

*Atykah@Aura::  Me who me..? Oversensitive, easy-going, love to laugh and obsessed to Vampire...

*Music:: Thats my music..without it i'm nobody...we are..!

*Dance:: If we got the skill we can do the dance.If we're born as a dancer we teach them how to dance...

*Apple:: LoL thats my favourite fruit.

*Diary:: It's not up-to-date things... i'm not having a diary and i will not have it..

*Jonas Brothers:: Don't scream at them..!!!

*Miley Cyrus:: She's young, Talented, play instruments and i like her voice..

*Love:: Urr..what do i know about love..well its kind of passion and we love everything surround us.We love our family and friends even our pets.I love my Robert Pattinson of course and i love everyone who loves me back...:D

*Ex-boyfriend:: Back-off...

*Pop-star magazine:: Pricey and even pricey to buy but worth..hehe..i like to buy that magazine is all because of Twilight..so thats a common things that happened to me, anyway.

*Pink:: The truly colour that i really love the most...

*Art:: I love arts!! I draw, I sing, I play and I score...yaiiii..;P

*MTV:: Cheh..all about music..

*Books:: VAMPIRE'S BOOK obsessed phenomenon..!!!

Well thats it..

♥just smile
10:55 PM

oh la la another Vamperrr series..it called true blood.I watch all the 1st season already.Damn i love and hate it.Er...i love the vamp actor name Stephen Moyer as Bill Campton. His a really hotz british actor.Why is that damn british actor always get the vampire part.Curious. You know like Robert Pattinson.He is british.So what! haha..Stephen is a hotz daddy.He already married with his previous relationship which whom i don't know.Like i care.He got 2 kids name....urrr psst..i dunno..and yaa also Anna Paquin as Sookie Stackhorse.Hehe..love it..they're good in true blood..and the part that i which that i never want to watch again is the sex part..oh my..please sensor that..i never want to watch that f**king things...urgg and eww..! sorry about that..i'm kind of like this...! hahaha..:D..

This is the cover of the dvds in true blood.Its got 12 episodes and True blood fans still awaiting the 2nd season..yehaaa..~ go go bill campton and sookie stackhorse.. i'm looking forward of both of them and piss that ryan kwanten away man..I'm not interested with him.His so that uncool..!!!

Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer dating..IS IT? really? well thats ok.. i like them in on and off-screen.Married her Stephen..This is one of their picture in Oscar(Forgot!) at the 22nd february yaa...i know the date..! are they really cute together..?

And this is them Bill Campton and Sookie Stackhorse..so cute! i like the version of the lovey-dovey of them..good luck...

Thats the end of my scary true blood...



♥just smile
12:00 AM

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The messy girl back with a joys..!
Oh my Boy! I'm really damn miss my bloggee..How are you all? MMmm..I guess my blog are not that familiar to you yahh..I know hahaha. Actually i'm late because of the internet connection..Hehe..i know it's just a small tiny problem that we always desperate to mad at it..Urghh..But dont worry I'M HERE..yehaaa!!
Ok let's i'm shared to all of you what am i doing during my holiiidaay..Ok ermm let's start with where i'm was staying at Centerpoint Hotel with 3 days 2 nights.Ya i'm going shop with myself.I bought this vampire Dvds name TRUE BLOOD. Cheeh..haha i like vampire anyway so thats not new for me.Vampire are awesome..I like it...And yaa i love the new original dvd that already sold in any dvds store.I'm still awaiting for the original one that come to me.Urr..is there any Brunei sold that dvd..? i want to watch all the extended scene& Deleted scene and the commentary.Then i bought one of this magazine called FILM FANTASY:TWILIGHT.Yasssh i got Robert Pattinson's pictures... it's like everywhere around that magazine..I looove it..~ hehe...I think thats all..and my sister read all the Twilight saga books from me and it's really that amazing she said.Well believe me that the miracle being a vampire.I love Stepehenie Meyer.What else aaah..I'm thinking..Well ok i miss all my friends in thetwilightsaga.com.Are they miss me also? I hoope so..Miss me seriously..
ok i think thats all from me now.So? CONTINUE WITH A NEW STORIES...

♥just smile
10:19 PM