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Confession of Atykah Aura
Just don't give up.


Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Friday, March 27, 2009

I just want to update my bloggeee..
So i make this kind of things...~
Say that who..? what..?

*Robert Pattinson:: His tall, British, Hotz, Unique, Nice dazzling eyes and smile, cute laugh and i love him so much!!

*Twilight:: The books and the movies are the awesomer ever.


*Edward Cullen:: Romantic, Well-behavior, Charming, the most beautiful and very over- protective.Bite me Edward..!!! RRRrrrrr..

*Jacob Black::  A good friends, Good lovers (for me) and good sense of humour.Team Jacob Black!

*Atykah@Aura::  Me who me..? Oversensitive, easy-going, love to laugh and obsessed to Vampire...

*Music:: Thats my music..without it i'm nobody...we are..!

*Dance:: If we got the skill we can do the dance.If we're born as a dancer we teach them how to dance...

*Apple:: LoL thats my favourite fruit.

*Diary:: It's not up-to-date things... i'm not having a diary and i will not have it..

*Jonas Brothers:: Don't scream at them..!!!

*Miley Cyrus:: She's young, Talented, play instruments and i like her voice..

*Love:: Urr..what do i know about love..well its kind of passion and we love everything surround us.We love our family and friends even our pets.I love my Robert Pattinson of course and i love everyone who loves me back...:D

*Ex-boyfriend:: Back-off...

*Pop-star magazine:: Pricey and even pricey to buy but worth..hehe..i like to buy that magazine is all because of Twilight..so thats a common things that happened to me, anyway.

*Pink:: The truly colour that i really love the most...

*Art:: I love arts!! I draw, I sing, I play and I score...yaiiii..;P

*MTV:: Cheh..all about music..

*Books:: VAMPIRE'S BOOK obsessed phenomenon..!!!

Well thats it..

♥just smile
10:55 PM