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Confession of Atykah Aura
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Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Friday, April 17, 2009

Answer me..^_^'

1. What is in your wallet right now?
-Let me see..Urr..of course my money, Robert Pattinson picture( i love to stare at his gorgeous smile), the cinema tickets, receipts, coins and lots of paper.

2. How about your purse?
-My tissues, small notebook, pen( in cast i meet Robert and the other twilight casts so i can have their autograph..well if it's possible haha), sweets and my lip-balm

3. Your favourite shopping mall?
-I dunno. I like all of them.Mostly i'm hang out just to buy dvds and books.So i kind of interest with a shopping mall that have bookstore and dvds.

4.Bookstore and Dvds? Urmm..what do you buy? can you tell what is it?
-Of course the latest one.I'm searched that first mostly by online then i'm try to find it any bookstore and dvds around brunei's mall.

5. Since you like to read.Do you read Stephenie Meyer's books?
-Ya, i heard it about this books.Ermm...Twilight and the other series.Ya..i read it and it's very spectacular.Now i really love the vampire so much(laugh).

6. What team are you? Team Edward or Team Jacob?
-(laugh) That's hard. I heard all this fans you know screamed about this team edward and team jacob.Seriously? what? ok.I'm TEAM JACOB BLACK..!

7. Wow! why Team Jacob black? i thought you will pick team Edward.
-Nah...TEAM edward was like you know a perfect creature in the world.So i kind of unagree with that.Everybody loves edward because his charming, good-looking and caring like every girls want him to be their loves one.Thats weird.But Jacob Black was a true friends ever.He undertand the situation between him and Bella's life.Not just Edward who read minds and help by his sister, Alice.Jacob Black also can do that.Thats why Jacob is a real friends.This is all about friends..(smile)

8. You seem to know about Twilight.Do you watch the Twilight 's movie already?
-Yup!..it's kind of funny you know.I watch Twilight more than i can't count myself.It's really good movie.I like the actor. Robert Pattinson of course.You know that already.His really cute.And Kristen Stewart also with the other Cullen's family.They're awesome!

9.That's mean you can't wait to watch new moon the 2nd movie right?
-You're right yes i am.! i'm so excited with it.I'm looking forward all the new actors and the warewolves transformation,Jasper gone wild, Edward leaving Bella, bike riding, the cliff and volturi in Italy.

10.Lastly, anything you want to say?
-Thank you for let me interview this.And don't forget to visit my blog at www.thepassionate22.blogspot.com. Thank you once again.(smile)


♥just smile
11:14 PM