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Confession of Atykah Aura
Just don't give up.


Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Friday, May 29, 2009

Wow..it's been a long time since last month.Whatever..But i'm back and doing her own blogger.Yehee..i'm so excited.Well i don't have any new stuff to shared.Uh la la..urrr..what should i say..okay i'm still love my Twilight and of course Robert Pattinson.Then i can't wait for the 2nd season of TRUE BLOOD.Oh my that damn vampire Bill Compton(finally i wrote it correctly) haha..What else..yaa more INTERVIEW.Actually i really like to be interview.I'm kind like excited to hear if someone interview me.Weird!La..la..la..oh ya how about your exam? (sighed) seriously are u do that? ermm my exam is in the average to die but i manage to do it well.Congrats!I mean there's is no result yet but i'm just predict that i'm doing well..Not to show off or whatever.Breath! Oh ya i'm still planning to study more about my Malay Literature in higher level..uuuu...just to keep trying u know to show that i can do it.I'm taking a private night class next year.GOOD LUCK!..i have new 3 kittens. Yaiii..~ name please? Dawn, moon and Eclipse actually it's 4 kittens name Twilight but it died.Sob! Sob! Sob! urgg don't put into something emotion on it..haha..again3..i getting into that black ipod and Nokia E63.LoL...Hahaha..when can i this teenage girl to have her own things without a parents to tell..'' you don't need that stuff.You still young.Study first.! don't try to copy the other stupid teenager!'' what! ok...lame..and woo..leave the stories..
Another stories i met my friend the day on English exam.Wadi, Dylah, Tyra, Suhaila and Mizah
I miss damn all..I mean it's been a months..Well, they're not change even 1 still the same characters..Love that..maybe awaiting them about 10 years from now when everybody get their own life.Wow.I can't even imagine that.Like everybody is married has their own childs and has a jobs what else everything is change nevertheless..! wuu...
My life is freaking bored after my exam.Oh no..but i still read books..I like to reads thats all.I mean without books my life would suck man..i bring books everwhere i go i read it!..i mean everything...~~
American Idol season 8 is sucks..! I mean who is the winner?? Kris Allen huh..DUH!
why?? i mean Adam Lambert is the 1 who deserve that..
Lastly, let's this things begun..


♥just smile
12:51 AM