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Saturday, May 30, 2009

I'm kind like all the hollywood actors that always on Tv now.Well thats is not a new things right? i mean when we saw this cute and good looking actors we started to feel crazy about them.Wah thats really deep.Its true its just like a phenomenon that happen today.Especially to all that maniac obsessive fans..wuuuu...Here is my top 10 loving actors

1)Robert Pattinson-I like him in Little Ashes.He acting so differently and it not the same as him in Twilight or Harry Potter.

2)Hyden Christensen-Awake..His cute in everything.Hyden when can u make a new film
since that movie again ?

3)Hugh Jackman-Van Hielsing.Can u believe it? his married and have a childs but still HOTZ!! arrr...

4)Kellan Lutz-Twilight.Obviously i knew him in Twilight.Then i saw him in 90210 and prom night.He just got mostly in a small part.But i do saw his own talented.My monkey MAN...

5)Channing Tatum-She's the man.The first started and i'm just speechless to see him.He make me enchant.I don't know he can dance.Oh la la...Is the rumors about Riley in Eclipse true? can he be that person..wow a very cute newborn vampire then.Wish fingers.

6)Chris Evans-Push.I like him there than in Fantastic fours.I do adores his own new things.His different right?

7)Zac Efron-17 again.Hahaha..this is so hilarious.I like him in this movies.HSM get lose..!

8)Stephen Moyer-True Blood..another vampire stories.Wow..his very yummy!! i want a vampire as my boyfriend!!!!!!

9)Daniel Radcliffe-Harry Potter of course.This franchise movies is still awesome fuh..!

10)Ryan Eggold-90210 baverly hills..his a new comer and cute...whatever haha..

Well that it...hehehe..

♥just smile
12:01 AM