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Confession of Atykah Aura
Just don't give up.


Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Oh nooo..June will be end.I'm gonna miss my june memory well even though i don't have anything to share about it..Since my mac is using by my sister and yaa obviously that is her mac..so i have to return it back..I love my blog so much because i can tell all my stories to all my readers..Oh yaa maybe i don't have a time to update my blog on July..maybe i don't know it yet..bless i want to update it as soon as possible...it's depents how my time to update my blog..I got a lot to miss it..Oh yaa i miss my friends of course especially Wawa and Louise..Hehe..i better not to say other...i miss it..dammit..
Maybe that's all i got.I have to go because my time limit is over..i miss my blog sob! Sob! Sob!

♥just smile
10:46 PM

Friday, June 19, 2009

See all of you..^^
I'm gonna miss this moments...hah! so sad!!

♥just smile
10:50 AM

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

http://www.rasaint.net/ - Glitter Graphics
http://www.gigaglitters.com/ - Glitter Graphics

That's the accurate word for me today.Haha.What else i can do? I'm just sitting down in front the MAC doing nothing.Well look at my blog layout.It's change and i know it's suck..haha..well that a random stuff that i did today.I feel nothing to do so i'm just change the layouts.Blaaah now i miss my old layouts.DANG!.What should i do now? Well there is nothing i can do.I'm just accept it and change a new one someday.Maybe.That's the thing i like today.Keep changing the layouts like just a weeks or month..:D it's hopeless layouts..I missed my old layouts already.Sob! Sob! Sob! :'( Sad..Well what do you think? I know you will say the old one is better than this new one..I felt like little bit crowded and mess..Yups! You probably right!
So i'm off i want to sleep because tomorrow i have to wake early.So see you tomorrow night!

♥just smile
10:25 PM

Monday, June 15, 2009

I just like to see that 6 pack body they work out.It's so awesome and very remarkable.Aww!!!!
Mostly they did this to make themselves hot.Well they're very hot badass! and i don't know it's kind of interesting to see them like that and pull out their shirt and showing off.I like when they're modeling and be in front of the cover magazine.It's so jaw-dropping.I could die for them.Obviously i really a big fans of 6 pack body and i like it but i not sure if i want my boyfriend is 6 pack body.That's look weird.If i got Robert Pattinson well that's ok.That's a reward for me.I'm ok! because it's Robert Pattinson for crying out loud.^____^hahaha..
Over all my favourite is Robert Pattinson and Steven Strait body! Melt! Smokin Hot!!! Yaii!
I like Kellan Lutz, Danny, Chad Michael Murray, Robert Buckley, Cam Gigandet,Taylor Lautner,Hugh Jackman, Daniel Henney and Ryan Reynolds.Who else? I dunno there's a lot of them that got 6 pack body.And it's still hot!!
For all 6 pack body man i looove it♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


♥just smile
12:43 PM

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Shock! Haha..this is all my Twilight collection that i collect since i knew the books.And all the cute casts especially Robert Pattinson are here more than anything haha..Ya i fell in love with him since in Harry Potter.He stunning me with his voice.I never resist anything what come inside of him.He look sexy! and cute even all the celebrity praises him except Megan Fox..mmm..Whatever!! Dahh..like i care about that..I'm collect all this first on february when i saw Twilight in newspaper then i saw Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. Seriously i don't know what the hell is Twilight was.Then i read one of the paragraph and it say if you not read the book you will not know the whole story.Ok..this movie are based from books.Then in school my friend, Yuhani asked me about this book name Twilight and i said 'Ya i know this book'.So we're talking about twilight and she shared this story about vampire.Well i'm not interested with vampire that time.Hahaha.Then after i finished my exam i went to Malaysia with my family and i went to the MPH bookstore and bought Twilight.I read this everywhere.In taxi, in airport while waiting for the plane and in plane.Yups i read it.No doubt.I read twilight about 10 times already still i'm not bored with it.Until now Twilight saga is the most favourite books for me.Thanks to Stephenie Meyer for writing such a unbelievable books since Anne Rice and JK Rowling.Awwwww...eheheh^^
So that's the story how i knew Twilight and started the collection.I'm not obsessed well maybe you guys will say that i'm obsessed but i'm don't want to admit it..haha..i just like them.Everything...! More Robert Pattinson! He make me fly..haha..
So i hoped and wish to meet Robert Pattinson someday and other casts..i got Peter Facinelli's Twitter which is damn cool!! i like Dr Carlisle Cullen especially the entrance in hospital during Bella almost accident..*_______*
*^The most favourite at there is the hottest guys in Twilight*^


♥just smile
4:02 PM

I know it's look stupid now haha...to you maybe! but i'm kinda satisfy to do this to Jacob Black..Gah..what am i??Well that's it.I got this idea from me of course.It's a red letter to him from me.I'm a big fan of Jacob Black.I don't understand why? I just fall in love with Jacob starting in New Moon.Not Taylor Lautner.I can picture my own Jacob.He is not the same as Taylor Lautner.He is more cute than him.What? DO u want to draw him? Haha i don't know i can't draw human..so minus with that.He is more attractive than Edward Cullen.Obviously Edward are good-looking.All the girls crush on him because of Robert Pattinson maybe hehe..or his romantic polite vampire that you ever imagine.So i don't know.It's on between like or dislike.Seriously i like Edward Cullen.His very mature and well-mannered.And my own Jacob he is full of honesty and always taking care of each other.Plus funny! Hahaha..Well why you aren't real Jacob.I love you buddy..You are always be mine.Hahaha.That's hard.Of course.^^=
So Jacob Black if you seeing this with no doubt just stopping to say hi maybe do alert me love..Haha..i'm in the sky right now.lol. or Taylor Lautner hehe..is Taylor have Twitter? i guess i'm forgot or not.they're damn busy so no time to twittering.I know!
So that's it for my Jacobeee^___^


♥just smile
11:20 AM

David James Archuleta@ Archie

If you know who he is.Ya i know he is David Archuleta.The cutest and attractive guy ever.He was born on 28 december 1990.He is 18 just like me ehehe..but i'm oldest one about 2 months old.That's ok!^^=.Seriously i do love him everywhere.His voice, faced and the way he smile.Man he make me melt.Doesn't he? Well, i don't obsessed with him.But i do like him heehe.I watch his performance everywhere in Youtube and MTV. I'm so excited when he showed up in American Idol 8 and performing his new single Touch my hand.I like his album.I bought one and i like all his songs.My favourite is To be with you and A little not too over you.Oh yaa i got his twitter also.It's so excited right.Wow...but i just like him as i like the other singer.I still in Robert Pattinson.I never cheated.That's good i don't have a boyfriend yet.Haha..amusing phycho^^.So Archie i hope one day i can meet you even though far behind (poor me:() and of course my best friend, Wawa love you so much.She just want to pinch your cute cheek ahaha..wow i wish i have that kind of little brother like you.Well maybe we quarrel like everyday even though you're cute.
So a massage for David Archuleta: I'm glad you're not the winner of American Idol but i hope you are of course well you're successful already.You're always the best singer ever.Everybody love you.Don't worry and please do come to our country in Brunei.You will not regret about it..Honest! hehehe^^


♥just smile
9:51 AM

Friday, June 12, 2009

Kristen Stewart has been trying her hardest to keep her new Joan Jett cut hidden. We caught a brief glimpse of the jet-black look the other night, but with the exception of that, it's been all hoodies all the time.

But she was finally snapped today in full daylight sans hoodie! Well, actually maybe we should take that exclamation point back. This isn't exactly great news, as you'll see...

Not exactly the most awesome look ever. She even looks ashamed of it. More article about her in (here)

And in (here) it  said:

Back in December, we revealed that "Twilight" star Kristen Stewart will portray Joan Jett in "The Runaways," the rock 'n' roll biopic of the 1970s all-girl band. We now have the first set photo of Stewart, which you can check out below.

The Runaways were hugely influential as the first successful all-girl hard rock band; its members included guitarists Jett and Lita Ford, drummer Sandy West, singer-keyboardist Cherie Currie and bassist Jackie Fox. The band was brought together in late 1975 by impresario Kim Fowley, who thought a novelty act of teenaged girls performing in leather and lace would be an easy sell, but the girls ended up proving to be serious and influential musicians with songs like "Cherry Bomb." The band lasted about four years together, falling apart over management and money issues.

The film will revolve around Jett and Currie and follow them from the band's meteoric rise as teenagers to their dissolution and disillusionment.

Video director Floria Sigismondi wrote the screenplay and is directing.

(This writer say..Myself:)

That's ok.I'm still exciting for here though..I knew she already finished fliming New moon.So she will be back for the role on August.I'm sure her hair will back again.Don't worry.This haircut is based on 70's movies so she replay again as Joan Jett in a modern way.Well it's look good on you anyway.Everything! You're to good !!! very extraordinary person.Hah..i'm born on 1990 as Kristen Stewart but she's more adult than her age.She's stunning me.I love her..!!!and yaa she will be role with her co-star in New moon, Dakota Fanning:D

Again i'm so excited for this movie THe Runaways(2010)



♥just smile
8:28 PM

You are here!!
Let i'm say this is not a joke..ehehe..we got 28 difference people here.So i want to describe to those people that fit with that nick and their own character.I want to describe all that cute cartoon based of that person which i knew.So lets check it out if you are here...^^""
♥ Rappers: I don't have any idea who could be hehe..sorry..any suggestion?
♥ Fashion: urr..I don't know if any of friends know about real fashion and ended up to become fashion designer.. Fecca and Tyra.
♥ Drunks: Maniac..I don't have a friend that drink alcohol..so whatever~
♥ Talkative: Uh..i guess i knew her..Nina Johari fit this..She's very talkative and ya funny girl.I like to be with her.She's like my sister to me.
♥ Emo: No emo here..i don't know..u know?
♥ In love: Seriously i'm in love right now with this guy somewhere where i have to keep it first.Remain silent haha...
♥ Artist: Well that cartoon are male so i don't have any idea who could be that artist.Well i chose my female Art teacher.Ckg Mimi.She's the best art teacher ever..!!
♥ Spiritual: No friend in this category..hehehe.
♥ Serious: (thinking) i guess i have this kind of friend..but i forgot.Who could be?Mmmm...
♥ Sleepy: I guess nobody..all my friends are good girls( i went to girl school:)
♥ Funny: Wow..i know a girl name Zuriani and she's so amusing girl and also our malay literature sir name Ckg Sofian.He make me laugh with tears! Missed this moment!
♥ Studious: Yuhani..eheheh:D
♥ Cool: All my friends are cool ermm i guess Nez and wawa!
♥ Crazy: I'm forgot.Ejat i guess.I'm not saying she's crazy in mentally but crazy on her character..We love her craziness..I knew her just for 1 year..But still we're remain friends.
♥ Rarely: Urmm Hazwani..ehehe..i don't want to explain..*>*
♥ Pretty: No offend all my friends are pretty.Emel always pretty.She's from The P2F.
Air head: No one!
♥ Simple: Rina Nurani..simple and very amusing..ha ha..she's pretty serious too..
♥ Sporty: Nurafidah.She can do anything if she want it..it's true!
♥ Rockers: Yaiii..i don't have a friends which is in this category.Again!
♥ Hyperactive: Hah! all my friends are normal
♥ Singer: Me of course..cheh..such a selfish little girl...haha i don't care!!
♥ Sk8ers: Who's skaters?
♥ Bajitos: Again? what?
♥ High: Robert Pattinson :P



♥just smile
7:01 PM

Bring it on.Come on! Fight with me!

♥ Hehe..i don't know why i put this cute little boy here.I took this from Facebook.I just like to stare his grumpy face say bring it now!..I like baby and baby like me as well.(Psst..my status right now i'm really damn bored and i don't know what to say)..
Oh ya now i remember yesterday night i watch Interview with the vampire 
in www.youtube.com.

Well, what can i say about it is about vampire which is at night in San Francisco, during our time: A young journalist follows a man through the streets and they end up in an anonymous room. When the journalist starts to interview the man, the stranger tells him that he is a vampire, being over 200 years old. The journalist doesn't believe him, but after the man proves it's true, he tells his story: His name is Louis and in 18th century New Orleans he was 24, by this time owner of an estate and a widower already. One night, when he once again was destroying himself by drinking and other things, he was found by Lestat, a vampire, who bit him. But even after becoming a vampire, life wasn't fun for Louis until one night he met a little girl, Claudia, who should change his existance forever.
I like interview with a vampire.It show us how to believe people and honesty.This movie are also based from Anne Rice's book.So it's kinda weird when all the vampire movies and tv series are based in books..Well thats great! Even Dracula are based in book and also 30 days of night.
I might want once to read this vampire books.Love it...^^
Other than that i watch The haunted Airman by Robert Pattinson.I watch just in part 1 then just like that because i'm bored with it.No harm i still Robert no matter what movie he in.

Adapted from Dennis Wheatley's novel The Haunting of Toby Jugg, this is the chilling tale of a troubled young man who returns from the war only to face new terrors.

Flight Lieutenant Jugg, confined to a wheelchair after being wounded in action, arrives at a remote mansion in Wales to recuperate. Suffering terrible nightmares and visions, he suspects the methods of his psychiatrist, Dr Hal Burns. His beautiful aunt, Julia, seems to be the only person he can trust - until circumstances make him doubt even her intentions.

The drama was written, produced and directed by Chris Durlacher, whose previous credits include Kenneth Tynan: In Praise of Hardcore and George Orwell: A Life in Pictures.

♥Well i'm just copied past the synopsis because i don't know what this is all about.I feel i want to watch How to be because his weird there..Hahaha..Well i don't know i really want to watch Little Ashes then.His gay in that movie and whatever his still hot..awww..!!



♥just smile
3:24 PM

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The True Blood Season 2 Red Carpet Premiere was held at the Paramount Theater in Los Angeles on Tuesday, June      9.  Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Sam Trammell, Ryan Kwanten, Rutina Wesley, Alan Ball, Carrie Preston,  Alexander Skarsgard, Deborah Ann Woll, Nelsan Ellis and the rest of the supporting cast appeared on the red carpet. 

♥just smile
5:18 PM

Yes..this is what i want.Hahaha..i like to look at it..Man..ada sudahkah in Brunei?? I'm totally craving ni with this cute mobile phone.Besides that i like Nokia E63 red.I guess i change my mind.I want this LGKS360.Shoots! RIGHT NOW! hehe..i hope..Well i have to make an effort to buy this.Bah bila tah terima gaji ni?? ehehe..;D or give this during my birthday then..Can u??
I love it.

♥just smile
3:02 PM

♥ I watched this drama just now.I mean i watched this everytime in Hallmark but just now they played just like 2 hours.Like they cut the important scene but i do understand all the story of course because i watched this drama already.I like to watch mom at sixteen because its based on a true story that always happened today in society life.We heard about everyday in news or maybe in Oprah show right? where this teenager, 16, pregnant and have to decide her own life between school and the baby.It's really tough if u can't handle it by your ownself.But here the story is about this girl name Jacey Jeffries(Danille Panabaker).She's, a model student and superior athlete, finds out that she's expecting a baby, no one is more surprised than her overbearing mother, Terry(Mercedes Ruehl). After exploring all of her options, Jacey decides to keep the baby. Her mom agrees, but under one condition: She must keep the birth a secret.

Terry wants Jacey to have a normal teenage life, so she moves the family to a new town and insists on raising the newborn as her own son. Resentful at having to start over and live a complete lie, Jacey begins to experience a major meltdown. But when a persistent guidance counselor tries to befriend the troubled teen, it only leads to a whirlwind of chaos and a shocking outcome for both of them!

I really hate to this Jacey's boyfriend Brad because i do not say that Brad don't want to responsible about the baby but the way he treats Jacey.His so irratating and pycho dude.Haha..this is just what i see through him.His sucks in that character.I can felt it how was it..It's so much in pain.
Seriously i cried and a little bit sensitive to this drama.I cried like crazy.It's so pitiful because i can feel it how it is.Maybe because i'm a teenager so i feel it's near me.Not that i sa that i got the same experience.Haha...
Over all i suggest to all of you.Please watch this.I believe this will make you awake and realised this things still be happen today!

♥just smile
12:09 PM

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Fuh...this is all my collections from 2007-2009.Ya i mean i draw when i want to.I don't draw everyday.Hehe..I'm afraid that all my color's stuff are carry out.I missed all my art class.I want to learn how to draw.Again! I missed my art teacher at school of course.I miss all the memories.I like to draw.I'm passion in all this stuff but i have to learn it more and deep.I have to be strive so that i can draw professional and amazing draw.I want people to say that''At least ou know what you want'' hehe..all my draw are all my favourite.One of the ddrawing i draw human being(I dun know what i'm thinking.I know thats not the same person as what you think.I'm really poor on human being.So that not my ability.Well practise make perfect..Right? Then we have Taj Mahal mosque.I know it's sucks!.It's just like a 10 years old drawing kids.Well maybe 10 years old kids can draw better than me.HAHAHA..We all can see the bridge also.I don't know what it called..I like my memories where i was 6 to 10 years old i guess.And then water island.I like to draw anything that relate with island.It's fun to draw and easy.The water flows. the oceon and the clouds.So much enjoyment;D

♥just smile
1:09 PM