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Saturday, June 6, 2009

90210 1990 and 2008
Gahh..i don't know the comparision between 1990 Beverly hills and 2008 Beverly hills..well it's more up-to-date i guess and new look even though one or three of them still act in 2008 90210.
I'm not  watch 90's version yet.I wished i am.I saw all set of dvds of them and i don't know if i can afford to buy all the season haha..i'm not even think about that.I really into 2008 version.It's more sophistacathoted with new casts.A very hot hot and hot casts.I don't even know the plots how it is happened in 90's version than this new version.Yeah obviously i watch 2008 90210 every Tuesday 9pm in Starworld.I never miss one episode.If i can't watch on tuesday well it's played again on wednesday 12pm.Then if i missed one of them well i will die to not watch this show.I kept wondering what happened.In this 2008 90210 i love Naomi Clark.She's sort of a very confident badass..wow..A very good flirt and always no 1.I want to be like Naomi Clark.A very happy go lucky.(Sometime she's mean..Nah..who's care..i mean girl!)
And also Ryan Matthew..the English literature teacher in 90210.I don't have any idea why i like him.Cute maybe and a little bit players..i guess..Oh yaa if you ever watch the 90's version you will know who Jennie Garth, Shannon Doherty and Tori Spelling.Ok there're our senior and they still act in 2008 90210 which is very cool and at least we know who there are.My sister who was born early 80's and watch 90's version she can say that 90 is the awesomer once..wow..ok..someday i will watch the 90's version.

Add one.I like the episode when Liam showed up.Is Liam hot? urr...a little bit as a said.I like Naomi if she with George Evan: Kellan Lutz and  well Kellan and Annalyne( naomi) still remain as a friend in off-screen.Which is a very cute couple.Liam real name is Matt Larter.I'm really familiar with him as Brody Mitchun in Heroes.He also showed in Monk and CSI. Over all enjoy my story about 90210 eheheehe..all the teenager are craving this show and buy the dvds then.I will...yeahh2..thats all..

♥just smile
10:02 AM