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Thursday, June 11, 2009

♥ I watched this drama just now.I mean i watched this everytime in Hallmark but just now they played just like 2 hours.Like they cut the important scene but i do understand all the story of course because i watched this drama already.I like to watch mom at sixteen because its based on a true story that always happened today in society life.We heard about everyday in news or maybe in Oprah show right? where this teenager, 16, pregnant and have to decide her own life between school and the baby.It's really tough if u can't handle it by your ownself.But here the story is about this girl name Jacey Jeffries(Danille Panabaker).She's, a model student and superior athlete, finds out that she's expecting a baby, no one is more surprised than her overbearing mother, Terry(Mercedes Ruehl). After exploring all of her options, Jacey decides to keep the baby. Her mom agrees, but under one condition: She must keep the birth a secret.

Terry wants Jacey to have a normal teenage life, so she moves the family to a new town and insists on raising the newborn as her own son. Resentful at having to start over and live a complete lie, Jacey begins to experience a major meltdown. But when a persistent guidance counselor tries to befriend the troubled teen, it only leads to a whirlwind of chaos and a shocking outcome for both of them!

I really hate to this Jacey's boyfriend Brad because i do not say that Brad don't want to responsible about the baby but the way he treats Jacey.His so irratating and pycho dude.Haha..this is just what i see through him.His sucks in that character.I can felt it how was it..It's so much in pain.
Seriously i cried and a little bit sensitive to this drama.I cried like crazy.It's so pitiful because i can feel it how it is.Maybe because i'm a teenager so i feel it's near me.Not that i sa that i got the same experience.Haha...
Over all i suggest to all of you.Please watch this.I believe this will make you awake and realised this things still be happen today!

♥just smile
12:09 PM