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Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Shock! Haha..this is all my Twilight collection that i collect since i knew the books.And all the cute casts especially Robert Pattinson are here more than anything haha..Ya i fell in love with him since in Harry Potter.He stunning me with his voice.I never resist anything what come inside of him.He look sexy! and cute even all the celebrity praises him except Megan Fox..mmm..Whatever!! Dahh..like i care about that..I'm collect all this first on february when i saw Twilight in newspaper then i saw Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. Seriously i don't know what the hell is Twilight was.Then i read one of the paragraph and it say if you not read the book you will not know the whole story.Ok..this movie are based from books.Then in school my friend, Yuhani asked me about this book name Twilight and i said 'Ya i know this book'.So we're talking about twilight and she shared this story about vampire.Well i'm not interested with vampire that time.Hahaha.Then after i finished my exam i went to Malaysia with my family and i went to the MPH bookstore and bought Twilight.I read this everywhere.In taxi, in airport while waiting for the plane and in plane.Yups i read it.No doubt.I read twilight about 10 times already still i'm not bored with it.Until now Twilight saga is the most favourite books for me.Thanks to Stephenie Meyer for writing such a unbelievable books since Anne Rice and JK Rowling.Awwwww...eheheh^^
So that's the story how i knew Twilight and started the collection.I'm not obsessed well maybe you guys will say that i'm obsessed but i'm don't want to admit it..haha..i just like them.Everything...! More Robert Pattinson! He make me fly..haha..
So i hoped and wish to meet Robert Pattinson someday and other casts..i got Peter Facinelli's Twitter which is damn cool!! i like Dr Carlisle Cullen especially the entrance in hospital during Bella almost accident..*_______*
*^The most favourite at there is the hottest guys in Twilight*^


♥just smile
4:02 PM