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Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Saturday, June 13, 2009

I know it's look stupid now haha...to you maybe! but i'm kinda satisfy to do this to Jacob Black..Gah..what am i??Well that's it.I got this idea from me of course.It's a red letter to him from me.I'm a big fan of Jacob Black.I don't understand why? I just fall in love with Jacob starting in New Moon.Not Taylor Lautner.I can picture my own Jacob.He is not the same as Taylor Lautner.He is more cute than him.What? DO u want to draw him? Haha i don't know i can't draw human..so minus with that.He is more attractive than Edward Cullen.Obviously Edward are good-looking.All the girls crush on him because of Robert Pattinson maybe hehe..or his romantic polite vampire that you ever imagine.So i don't know.It's on between like or dislike.Seriously i like Edward Cullen.His very mature and well-mannered.And my own Jacob he is full of honesty and always taking care of each other.Plus funny! Hahaha..Well why you aren't real Jacob.I love you buddy..You are always be mine.Hahaha.That's hard.Of course.^^=
So Jacob Black if you seeing this with no doubt just stopping to say hi maybe do alert me love..Haha..i'm in the sky right now.lol. or Taylor Lautner hehe..is Taylor have Twitter? i guess i'm forgot or not.they're damn busy so no time to twittering.I know!
So that's it for my Jacobeee^___^


♥just smile
11:20 AM