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Confession of Atykah Aura
Just don't give up.


Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Saturday, June 6, 2009

***********ALL ABOUT YOU****************

height: 156cm i know i'm short
weight: Urr..honestly it's a private thing to say!
eye color: Black
hair color: Black
best physical feature: Wow.. I guess my lips..haha
most overused phrase: Shoot! Sheeet! What!
nicknames: Aty, Aura( These ppl who know me well in Twilight page) and Mrs Pattinson(perasan)
single or taken: I'm love being single!!

******THIS OR THAT*******
love or money: Money$$$
love or lust: Love
kiss or hug: Hug
upset or pissed off: Upset
peace or war: Peace laaa.. are they want to be in a war situation?

******HAVE YOU EVER******
punched a wall: No i hit my head at the wall..i get mad!
laughed so hard you cried: Lol! everybody always did this if they get so amuse..
cursed in church: What? In church..weii aku ISLAM!
kissed in the rain: Romantic..! no..
what about in a car: Nahhhh....
in a pool: Stupid!
on a bed: I'm not married yet
broken someone..'s heart: Urrr...nobody perfect ok!
had your heart broken: Much of the time..
cheated on someone: Not remember..am i?? ask my friends..
been cheated on?: I guess..
kissed someone who wasn..'t single?: I'm not kissed
slept outside?: no..i hate bloodsucker..
been arrested: I'm clean from any cruel records
smoked: Ewww....yucks!
drank: Noo ehhh..!
done something you wished you could take back?: Yaa..i wish i'm really concentrate on my study..you know..!

*****RANDOM STUFF******
most embarassing moment?: My skirt was unzipped and my friend saw it..
the biggest life lesson youve learned so far?: Aahhh...? I'm a become a good girl
last time you cried?: 2 days ago
last time you laughed at something stupid?: Hahhaha..i don't remember
your biggest pet peeve?: I don't know
last person you kissed?: My cats well my cats is not a person.. 
last person you hugged?: Forgot.Long time ago..
last gift you recieved?: My birthday from my mom..

ice cream? All of them..Yumm!
smell? Anything that good to smell
body part on the opposite sex? 6 pack body
way to spend a day? Surf and read books
color? Pink
hobby? Surf, draw, read and sing


i am happiest when: This world are mine..
fast food is: very yummy!
i am: Amazing, hate smokers and musical
sex: For husband and wife
i am healthiest when: I stare Robert Pattinson's eyes..
i wish i: I could be a mind-reader wahh..
i wish everyone would: respect me!
i don't: do drugs, smoke and backstabber!
i love: Everything~

♥just smile
12:25 PM