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Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Monday, June 8, 2009

List 13 people that you can think of

1~:  Robert Pattinson      

2~: Ra Ra           

3~: Feeqee    

4~:  Mama        

5~:  Babah        

6~:   Adam Lambert

7~:    Kristen Stewart      

8~:     Jacob Black       

9~:     Vampire      

10~:   Kellan Lutz         

11~:    Wawa        

12~:   Hugh Jackman 

          13~:  Britney Spears(lol!)         

Have you ever~

kissed #1?:   OMG! i wish i can..sob3..i hate this question! Gggrr..!         

been to #3's house?: I'm not went inside of her house but i been sent her at home:D           

gone to the movies with #4?:  Hahaha..i guess not.My mother are not movie type..kena marah adalah or kena lecture..bla.bla..bla..          

seen #10 cry?:   His so cute when he cry but i'm never seen him crying before..ehehee..         

dated any of them?:  C Ra Ra, Feeqee, Wawa and certainly i want to have a date with Robert Pattinson, Kellan Lutz, Hugh Jackman and Vampire( Last to make a meal!)          

which one are you thinking about right now?:   Of course Robert Pattinson! Apalah...         

have any classes with #1?:  Robert Pattinson? Hahaha..kan menangis ku question ani bnrth..          

if you could, which of the 13 would you make out with?:  Justin Timberlake with ex husband nya..apakn luruskh answer ku ani? dahh!      

how many are girls?:   5 girls 1 woman     

how many are guys?:   7 guys      

what would you do if #1 and #13 kissed?:  No way!!!!! WHAT DAMN SHOOT!!!!!       

what would you do if #4 and #6 dated?:   hahaha..apa pulang mamaku dated with Adam Lambert..stupid..I know that like an awkward situation..What absurd!         

how do you feel about #7?:   She's beautiful, Talented, Funny and i like all her movies..         

an interesting fact about #9?:  They bite and sucks my blood..that awesome..          

what would you do if # 2 died?: Oh my...jangan..!! My friend wah tu..I'm crying out loud!           

would you go to jail for #11?: Haha..what sort of crime she did..? Alamak this question make me hyperventilate..!           

is #12 a boy or a girl?: His not a boy nor a girl.His a man!            

does #3 like anyone?: Feeqee in love!!!           

ever made out with #5?: Stupid! That's my father your psycho moron question!            

is #10 a virgin?: Yaaaaaap! Kellan Lutz virgin right? huhu..

Over all i just smile and apologize..sorry!


♥just smile
4:11 PM