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Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Happy Wedding to Kaka As and Abg Khai..And happy birthday kaka As..~Siuknya birthday tym wedding~

Fuh, tired nya..apanah..~my back is pain and i barely can't walk at all( Eh, i can walk but just weak).I wore my high heels for about 6 hours..Shoot! It's not a jokes at all.Sakitnya mu..i don't like high heels and it's doesn't make my things be good at all.Apa? Mau jadi tinggi? Malas eee..
Ya..to look perfect.Well the story begun when i took my shower just 15 minutes because inda alert it's already late and my mom yelled me to get shower..Haha..i'm was doing my twilight chat and i kinda miss all of them.Awuu i'm forgot i'm used my new fresh fashion kurung<--apani? It's cost $85 and it's satisfaction! Hah!nanti tah ku simpan gambar full picture of me wore fashion kurung in here.I doesn't have a camera(Rosak aah..damn!).I'm just awaiting all my pictures in Facebook..ada tu krg drg Tag..wait saja tah..Then i reach there with a serious face which i don't realise that my sister took that picture.Bida usul ku..Macam frust in love saja.Ya then sampai saja i'm went to my lovely cousin as well a friend name Zyrah.Haha! Bukan plang jumpa saja naah terus kena suruh bgi souvenier for all the people who's coming there..It's a best experience because this is not my first time.However i'm really damn tired and the weather not really expetised me it's sunny wah!...padantah Edward Cullen couldn't faced with sun because it will make him glittering which is not related with me as a human.Haha..but i'm just look a sweaty girl and my make-up sucks!(i don't make-up).It's lucky my cousin gave us a drink.Fuh, basah tekak eee.I'm also make a new friend with Kaka Ann.She's pretty and nice person.I do like her.Then kaka Amal, Peeqah and Jeeeka as well.Thump up! Oh yaa the food all i can say is ok-ok lah..i like the fish..Yummm..mouthwatering..~Yaiii..the bride was coming while we eating..Funny when we looked all the people rushed to look the beautiful bride.Haha..i'm just sitting down makan!..Frankly i'm saying the bride is beautiful..it's stunning me..After that we'll awaiting the groom to come and it's very cute couple..Yaiii..The most favourite in this events is taking some family pictures which is really amuse me.I like it..once again nanti tah ku simpan gambar atu..(Ngalih tahap maximum dah ni).The karoeke was the best part also.I'm legs dance.And i'm die..haha..i mean i'm going home at 3 pm and tarus mengampai...~Tidur..( Urr...i removed my  make-up first:)..
And here i am writing my blog and rushed ni pasal 27 dresses main in star movies so see you when the pictures are Tags by my siblings..

♥just smile
9:31 PM