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Saturday, June 6, 2009

This is the casts which will play in Vampire Diaries installment.You also can know vampire diaries website in (here) They're lot of new news from them.So do check out ok.The casts is Nina Dovres as Elena, Poul Weasly as Stefan and Ian Somerhalder as Damon.I think they're new comer.

One of LJ Smith's book.Maybe they're based lot in this series.Bla..bla..bla..

Yaii..i'm so excited again..another vampire tv series...for me if i watched this maybe this is the 4th vampire i watched since Van Helsing, Twilight and True Blood.I'm getting obsessed with vampire fyi.They're awesomer.Vampire are just a very ordinary kind of creature..I guess.They suck our blood and very strong.About this vampire i really don't know what is all about because i don't read the book yet.Yes it's based from books again! wow..why is all the vampire are always based in books? Mmmmm...? but it's cool though ryt? There's a lot of vampire diaries series book from the only one LJ Smith.I like him.Frankly i'm say that i'm borrowed one of LJ Smith's book but i'm not read it.Hahaha..i know that time i'm freaking damn bored with vampire.After Twilight all my life is change..shoot! I'm different now..la la la...
So if you really really interest with this upcoming tv series that will play at CW(urr..i don't have this...) so do sit down and watch until Stefan(the vampire) bite you..huahaha..i'm wondering how old he died? is he can break the record with Edward Cullen and Bill compton in True Blood? Mmmm...think! think!
So you can check out the sneek peek in (Here) la la la la...You will like it..trust me.It's just like the continuation of Twilight(fans said this).It will play in fall on september and i will looking forward the DVd..all right! see you...

♥just smile
5:41 PM