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Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Friday, June 12, 2009

You are here!!
Let i'm say this is not a joke..ehehe..we got 28 difference people here.So i want to describe to those people that fit with that nick and their own character.I want to describe all that cute cartoon based of that person which i knew.So lets check it out if you are here...^^""
♥ Rappers: I don't have any idea who could be hehe..sorry..any suggestion?
♥ Fashion: urr..I don't know if any of friends know about real fashion and ended up to become fashion designer.. Fecca and Tyra.
♥ Drunks: Maniac..I don't have a friend that drink alcohol..so whatever~
♥ Talkative: Uh..i guess i knew her..Nina Johari fit this..She's very talkative and ya funny girl.I like to be with her.She's like my sister to me.
♥ Emo: No emo here..i don't know..u know?
♥ In love: Seriously i'm in love right now with this guy somewhere where i have to keep it first.Remain silent haha...
♥ Artist: Well that cartoon are male so i don't have any idea who could be that artist.Well i chose my female Art teacher.Ckg Mimi.She's the best art teacher ever..!!
♥ Spiritual: No friend in this category..hehehe.
♥ Serious: (thinking) i guess i have this kind of friend..but i forgot.Who could be?Mmmm...
♥ Sleepy: I guess nobody..all my friends are good girls( i went to girl school:)
♥ Funny: Wow..i know a girl name Zuriani and she's so amusing girl and also our malay literature sir name Ckg Sofian.He make me laugh with tears! Missed this moment!
♥ Studious: Yuhani..eheheh:D
♥ Cool: All my friends are cool ermm i guess Nez and wawa!
♥ Crazy: I'm forgot.Ejat i guess.I'm not saying she's crazy in mentally but crazy on her character..We love her craziness..I knew her just for 1 year..But still we're remain friends.
♥ Rarely: Urmm Hazwani..ehehe..i don't want to explain..*>*
♥ Pretty: No offend all my friends are pretty.Emel always pretty.She's from The P2F.
Air head: No one!
♥ Simple: Rina Nurani..simple and very amusing..ha ha..she's pretty serious too..
♥ Sporty: Nurafidah.She can do anything if she want it..it's true!
♥ Rockers: Yaiii..i don't have a friends which is in this category.Again!
♥ Hyperactive: Hah! all my friends are normal
♥ Singer: Me of course..cheh..such a selfish little girl...haha i don't care!!
♥ Sk8ers: Who's skaters?
♥ Bajitos: Again? what?
♥ High: Robert Pattinson :P



♥just smile
7:01 PM