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Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Rose, always related to world
Rose is red
Red is mean anger and extermination
Even though red is beautiful
It bring a murder.
Rose is a cherish
The heat and desire
Always with passionate
It just create epecially to those who in love.
Some say rose is hate
Some say rose is affection
some say rose is destroy
It never end if there never preface
Who should you blame if rose is not perfect?
A man said ''I give you a rose because 'i love you'''
A woman replied. ''I accept the rose because 'i love you too'''
The man smile and kiss her to say thanks.
Do you think rose can give you a happiness?
In the end,
I hide the rose
Because Autumn is coming
To take the rose from my hand
my pathetic world

♥just smile
10:18 AM

I just want to recall what i did in my small white board..I was bored with the stuff lately that happened to me lately and seriously i got a lot of stories to share today, probably...and i will keep it the stories for August..^^
So ok..the white board wrote:
First, my Edward Cullen was a hotz bloodsucker, vampire.
Second, there was a part of him that i was not so sure whether he want my blood or not?
Andthird, I was in love with him but sorry Edward i like Jacob Black more :)

I'm Team Jacob Black

♥just smile
9:49 AM

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Do you know i'm craving at him so much.You know..as i'm craving at Robert Pattinson.Ha ha..well once again i will never cheated on him and will never ever fell in love with somebody else besides Robert Pattinson..((crazy)).I mean just from now on but i will have a great man in my life somebody which is gonna be extremely look alike Robert Pattinson or Jared Padalecki himself.Haha..For your information i can't stand with a cute guy i mean they're cute and i can't avoid at all.I easily fell in love with a cute hollywood actors so much..So hear me..:D

Jared Padalecki with Jensen Ackles

I like this...drooolsss**..i like this background..

Do you know Sam Wenchester is a cute character ever in Supernatural.
Oh my boy..it's hot in here. I wonder why it is..

The only superman i love.Correction superman ok it's mean he's a hero as a superman character.I just glad he is.Even though he is not even in a superman movies or tv series.I like him Supernatural.I hope all the directer outside there given him a movie in a romantic comedy.That's should be good..
Ok la la la..this is some of Jared Padalecki's biography

Birth Name: Jared Tristan Padalecki
Birth Place: San Antonio, TX
Date of Birth / Zodiac Sign: 07/19/1982, Cancer
And one of thing that i did not like is Jared Padalecki has an ex-fiancee, Sandra Mccoy..What! I hate it so much! Really i am..
Oh my goodness breath!!!
(I'm glad the EX-words)

♥just smile
10:46 AM

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hi..It's me again.Do you know i watch a lot of movies this month? Phew..i guess not.Haha..Mostly i watch at HBO and Starmovies but less in Cinemax.I just waiting for True Blood season 2 in Cinemax which is going to come out on August.Yes! Though, i still need to buy the Dvds because i had the first season Dvds already.So i just want to collect it myself.However i need to control my addiction to Dvds obsessive disorder.Yup it is! I'm a big fans of Dvds.DAMN! Ok i want to share to all the movies lovers out there.I want to suggest to all of you about movies that you should watch again and again without stop or watch it just once but satisfy everything or you want to buy the dvds.Badly!
Here we are...
* Alvin and the chipmunk( Sorry i guess you'll already watch this but for me it's lot of humour and i love Thedore so much)
*What happened in Vegas?( Urr..a romantic comedy by Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher)
*The Transpoter(Do u guys already play the game? i know! I played already..now it's in a movie)
**To be fat like me(Seriously you should watch this because it's good to all the people outside there about their senstivity of their weight.Seriously is it good to be round? and is it good to be thin? I don't know..You think about it..)
*Child's play 3( I hate Chucky! Thats it.That thing killed people like a maniac.Dammit!)
**Evening( Woo..i love this classic love story.About this old lady she recalled all her story when she's young about her wrong love relationship to her 2 daughter.It's a good story..)
**The secret Garden(This is based in novel by Frances Hogdson Burnett and i love it.I'm on the way to read the book)
**Into the wild( This is based on true story about this hicking guy to desire to go to Alaska.And on his journey he meet a lot of different people and barrier and the last he made it to Alaska but he.....so you have to watch it if you want to know the end)
*Untraceable( Spooky! Haha..not that scared enough..)
*The mummy return:The curse of the china tomb (Brenden Fraser is back with his wife and his son Alex.I love the mummy franchise)
*Pulse( I admit i love the actor Ian Somerhalder.This movie a scary movie)
**The sassy girl( I cry in this movie.It's a romantic comedy also and in the end the couple are together.Actually i watch the english version.And i kinda love the english version than the korean version.Well korean put a lovely background song.I love korean love songs)
*The Strangers( As i say before this movie is damn scary even though you guys will be bored in the end.I dunno thats my point of view)
*Dream girl ( I proud the black singer like Jennifer Hudson and Beyonce.No wonder they got a grammy awards..)
*Titanic( Ok..this is definately a love sad story about Jack and Rose.Bla..bla..bla.. Hehe..I guess all my readers know what Titanic movie is.Right?)
*Becoming Jane( A romantic classical movie by Anne Heathway.You should watch this.)
Ok i mean thats all from me about my suggesting movies to all my fantastic readers..i mean who willing to read this stupid junk.Is it? Hah!
Urmm if you realise the star thats ok.If you saw 2 stars on it so thats mean you should watch it right now.
Lastly is my new movies that i can't wait to watch it in this year...

1. New Moon- Definately YES!
2. (500) days of summer- This is because i love Joseph Gordon-Levitt and it's a romantic comedy.
3. The Proposal- I like Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds and it's a romantic comedy also.
4. Cherie- A classic love movie by Michelle Freifer.
5. My sister's keeper- Sad!
So i will awaiting for all of this movies.


♥just smile
1:41 PM

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Oh my god i can't believe it that i watch Harry Potter and the half-blood prince yesterday night at the Empire Cinema.Boleh! hehe..that was my best day of my life.Forever! I don't know i been calling by my causin, Kaka Sap that she got this 2 free tickets and she asked me if i want to go..Well of course i am.I'm a biggest fans of Harry Potter besides Twilight. Harry Potter is the second best.FOR ME! ok ok urmm firstly when i watch this movie i couldn't wait because hello we watch in the 1st premiere of Harry Potter in Brunei.So i kinda excited and nervous.I watch the making of Harry potter in HBO and the cast said that this Harry Potter going to be a lot of humor, romance, dramatic and action.And when i watch it of course it is.I like all the part about Rupert Grint as Ron with Lavender Brown.It's so funny when Ron obsessed by Lavender and Hermione get jealous with Lavender atitude.Mmm-mmmp..and Hermione is lucky to have Harry potter to comfort her.You know to share her feeling about Ron. Ehem..Ron, Hermione crush on you.So please be awake! and also more kissing with Ron and Lavender( you know she called Ron 'won won' it's totally crazy but amuse) and between Harry and Genie.Hah awesome. They kissing also.

And then it's very sad when Albus Dumbledore died in the end when Severus Snape ad bra ka dab bra him.Well, i know Snape is not that evil man.But still sad.I want Draco the coward killed Dumbledore.I was surprised when Draco Malfoy been choosen to be one of the dark eater.Wow..it's eerie..Oh my Draco Malfoy is still cute no matter how bad he is.I prefer Tom Felton than Draco Malfoy.Ha ha it's true.It's good that Tom have his own Twitter.Don't you think Tom is a cute guy? Seriously i love Tom.I wish he will be in New moon as Riley. I want to see him as an evil scared vampire.How is it look like? Phew..i'm gonna die..like i saw Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen.SO SEXY! Urmm..over all i'm gonna miss the Harry Potter 6 and i will waiting the next Harry Potter movies..and i still not read Harry Potter and the half-blood prince yet.Yes I know!! i have to buy this and also the last book.Two more books of Harry Potter to read.Money$$..haha and lastly Half-blood Prince is Severus Snape.I don't shocked with that.I know..and off to me because i want to eat my popcorn.I'm not ate popcorn yesterday because i don't want to.Ha ha..obviously it is and the cinema was freaking cold like Vampire's body temperature.
My Daniel Radcliffe
Tom Felton always my hero! AWW!!!
So the important moments are thank you to Kaka Sap and i love Harry Potter so much!

♥just smile
6:33 PM

Monday, July 6, 2009

Movies obsessed!~

I watch The Strangers today in HBO.I guess this is just a random scary movie that i want to watch even though the end of that part are really damn bored..I hate the last scene.Well,there's no conclusion and i don't even know who's the strangers iS!.They took off the mask but they not showed their faces.Gah! I hate Suspense.However i'm pleased to know that they will have The strangers 2..and i will look forward of this next movie.I just want to know who's the strangers are.I know it's kind of weird not to know the strangers are.I know this is just a movie.You know to make you scared of or wondered! Seriously my heart pounding.I like scary movies and books.I really fans with both of it..With 1 condition i needs the conclusion of the stories.Don't hovor it.I hate it.Fierce to know and wonder what it was.

Arggh.. Oh yaa other than this movie i watch 'Untraceable' in starmovies.I watch this with my dad, obviously.Ha ha ha.. i saw Billy Burke the guy that from Twlight as Bella's father..You know right? Alaaa..Charlie Swan..ha ha..His character as an inspector again! It's a police kind of thing..Ha ha..i guess Billy is fit to be as a police officer or whatever it prefer.I kinda notice of his talent.By the way untraceable are awesome movie.You should watch this.Buy the dvds if you wished..

Within the FBI, there exists a division dedicated to investigating and prosecuting criminals on the internet. Welcome to the front lines of the war on cybercrime, where Special Agent Jennifer Marsh (Diane Lane) has seen it all... until now.A tech-savvy internet predator is displaying his graphic murders on his own website – and the fate of each of his tormented captives is left in the hands of the public: the more hits his site gets, the faster his victims die. When this game of cat and mouse becomes personal, Marsh and her team must race against the clock to track down this technical mastermind who is virtually untraceable.


This a video from KRISTEN STEWART.She sang in this movie with Emile Hirsch.This song called Angel from Montgomery.She's goood!! A very good..I can't wait to see Kristen sing another new songs.Maybe in her new movie 'The Runaways'

If you all like or interesting to this movie you can watch this movie in HBO at next TUESDAY at 9pm.The repeat on Wednesday at 1pm i guess it's between 12-15 July.If you not sure log on to http://www.hboasia.com/
Oh yaa if you want to know the whole story or the cast you can visit www.imbd.com then you search Into the wild
so enjoy!!!

♥just smile
3:28 PM

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Hah! Apple chick! Do u know that? I dreamt about Taylor Lautner like 4 days ago.I certainly clear that i still remember my dream.I don't even imagine that i dreamt Taylor and Steven Strait.Gosh! It's so embarrassing.You know Taylor kiss me at the library.Wow...thats kissable.Whatever..! Shame! He also friend of mine because we go to the same school and it's really fun having a dude with me.He also said 'Apple chick!' which i don't have any idea what it is.Haha..Btw, Taylor Lautner is really good.I wished Robert Pattinson showed up in my dream.I really want that! Hah! Poor me:(
Ok! Ok..seriously i don't have any specific idea right now.Doesn't have any pleased in my life.So i just share a little bit about what i did today.Harm! I know! I....(Duh! What! sorry!) I read 'Breaking Dawn' today.I love it..!! it's centre of Bella's marriage and pregnant.It's a happy story and loveable.I can't wait to have the movies.It's will be fun as we read the book.Oh ya i just read in Robert Pattinson page. It's say Eclipse going to start filming around 17 august until october...Yes! I'm really excited with this movie.I can't wait to watch New moon, The runaways and Remember Me.It's good to have twilight casts to have a new life with this whole new movies.We can see the difference..I love them.My priority of Twilight obsessive.I know! I wish i'm one of them.Not to chase some Fame but to learn something new.I want people or fans obviously appreciate what we done and we thanked them in million time and also winning something are the best thing happened to ourself.Like Michael Jackson.He was a phenomenan! His songs are really beyond the words..!! I can't shut my hell up!

He is king pop!
So no word to express!
Ok what else? Ur..maybe just that for a mean time.Sob! Sob! Sob! I miss my sister's mac.Damn! When can i get one?? so sad!
So that's it..two stories at the time huh..good

♥just smile
4:20 PM