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Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Hah! Apple chick! Do u know that? I dreamt about Taylor Lautner like 4 days ago.I certainly clear that i still remember my dream.I don't even imagine that i dreamt Taylor and Steven Strait.Gosh! It's so embarrassing.You know Taylor kiss me at the library.Wow...thats kissable.Whatever..! Shame! He also friend of mine because we go to the same school and it's really fun having a dude with me.He also said 'Apple chick!' which i don't have any idea what it is.Haha..Btw, Taylor Lautner is really good.I wished Robert Pattinson showed up in my dream.I really want that! Hah! Poor me:(
Ok! Ok..seriously i don't have any specific idea right now.Doesn't have any pleased in my life.So i just share a little bit about what i did today.Harm! I know! I....(Duh! What! sorry!) I read 'Breaking Dawn' today.I love it..!! it's centre of Bella's marriage and pregnant.It's a happy story and loveable.I can't wait to have the movies.It's will be fun as we read the book.Oh ya i just read in Robert Pattinson page. It's say Eclipse going to start filming around 17 august until october...Yes! I'm really excited with this movie.I can't wait to watch New moon, The runaways and Remember Me.It's good to have twilight casts to have a new life with this whole new movies.We can see the difference..I love them.My priority of Twilight obsessive.I know! I wish i'm one of them.Not to chase some Fame but to learn something new.I want people or fans obviously appreciate what we done and we thanked them in million time and also winning something are the best thing happened to ourself.Like Michael Jackson.He was a phenomenan! His songs are really beyond the words..!! I can't shut my hell up!

He is king pop!
So no word to express!
Ok what else? Ur..maybe just that for a mean time.Sob! Sob! Sob! I miss my sister's mac.Damn! When can i get one?? so sad!
So that's it..two stories at the time huh..good

♥just smile
4:20 PM