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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hi..It's me again.Do you know i watch a lot of movies this month? Phew..i guess not.Haha..Mostly i watch at HBO and Starmovies but less in Cinemax.I just waiting for True Blood season 2 in Cinemax which is going to come out on August.Yes! Though, i still need to buy the Dvds because i had the first season Dvds already.So i just want to collect it myself.However i need to control my addiction to Dvds obsessive disorder.Yup it is! I'm a big fans of Dvds.DAMN! Ok i want to share to all the movies lovers out there.I want to suggest to all of you about movies that you should watch again and again without stop or watch it just once but satisfy everything or you want to buy the dvds.Badly!
Here we are...
* Alvin and the chipmunk( Sorry i guess you'll already watch this but for me it's lot of humour and i love Thedore so much)
*What happened in Vegas?( Urr..a romantic comedy by Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher)
*The Transpoter(Do u guys already play the game? i know! I played already..now it's in a movie)
**To be fat like me(Seriously you should watch this because it's good to all the people outside there about their senstivity of their weight.Seriously is it good to be round? and is it good to be thin? I don't know..You think about it..)
*Child's play 3( I hate Chucky! Thats it.That thing killed people like a maniac.Dammit!)
**Evening( Woo..i love this classic love story.About this old lady she recalled all her story when she's young about her wrong love relationship to her 2 daughter.It's a good story..)
**The secret Garden(This is based in novel by Frances Hogdson Burnett and i love it.I'm on the way to read the book)
**Into the wild( This is based on true story about this hicking guy to desire to go to Alaska.And on his journey he meet a lot of different people and barrier and the last he made it to Alaska but he.....so you have to watch it if you want to know the end)
*Untraceable( Spooky! Haha..not that scared enough..)
*The mummy return:The curse of the china tomb (Brenden Fraser is back with his wife and his son Alex.I love the mummy franchise)
*Pulse( I admit i love the actor Ian Somerhalder.This movie a scary movie)
**The sassy girl( I cry in this movie.It's a romantic comedy also and in the end the couple are together.Actually i watch the english version.And i kinda love the english version than the korean version.Well korean put a lovely background song.I love korean love songs)
*The Strangers( As i say before this movie is damn scary even though you guys will be bored in the end.I dunno thats my point of view)
*Dream girl ( I proud the black singer like Jennifer Hudson and Beyonce.No wonder they got a grammy awards..)
*Titanic( Ok..this is definately a love sad story about Jack and Rose.Bla..bla..bla.. Hehe..I guess all my readers know what Titanic movie is.Right?)
*Becoming Jane( A romantic classical movie by Anne Heathway.You should watch this.)
Ok i mean thats all from me about my suggesting movies to all my fantastic readers..i mean who willing to read this stupid junk.Is it? Hah!
Urmm if you realise the star thats ok.If you saw 2 stars on it so thats mean you should watch it right now.
Lastly is my new movies that i can't wait to watch it in this year...

1. New Moon- Definately YES!
2. (500) days of summer- This is because i love Joseph Gordon-Levitt and it's a romantic comedy.
3. The Proposal- I like Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds and it's a romantic comedy also.
4. Cherie- A classic love movie by Michelle Freifer.
5. My sister's keeper- Sad!
So i will awaiting for all of this movies.


♥just smile
1:41 PM