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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Oh my god i can't believe it that i watch Harry Potter and the half-blood prince yesterday night at the Empire Cinema.Boleh! hehe..that was my best day of my life.Forever! I don't know i been calling by my causin, Kaka Sap that she got this 2 free tickets and she asked me if i want to go..Well of course i am.I'm a biggest fans of Harry Potter besides Twilight. Harry Potter is the second best.FOR ME! ok ok urmm firstly when i watch this movie i couldn't wait because hello we watch in the 1st premiere of Harry Potter in Brunei.So i kinda excited and nervous.I watch the making of Harry potter in HBO and the cast said that this Harry Potter going to be a lot of humor, romance, dramatic and action.And when i watch it of course it is.I like all the part about Rupert Grint as Ron with Lavender Brown.It's so funny when Ron obsessed by Lavender and Hermione get jealous with Lavender atitude.Mmm-mmmp..and Hermione is lucky to have Harry potter to comfort her.You know to share her feeling about Ron. Ehem..Ron, Hermione crush on you.So please be awake! and also more kissing with Ron and Lavender( you know she called Ron 'won won' it's totally crazy but amuse) and between Harry and Genie.Hah awesome. They kissing also.

And then it's very sad when Albus Dumbledore died in the end when Severus Snape ad bra ka dab bra him.Well, i know Snape is not that evil man.But still sad.I want Draco the coward killed Dumbledore.I was surprised when Draco Malfoy been choosen to be one of the dark eater.Wow..it's eerie..Oh my Draco Malfoy is still cute no matter how bad he is.I prefer Tom Felton than Draco Malfoy.Ha ha it's true.It's good that Tom have his own Twitter.Don't you think Tom is a cute guy? Seriously i love Tom.I wish he will be in New moon as Riley. I want to see him as an evil scared vampire.How is it look like? Phew..i'm gonna die..like i saw Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen.SO SEXY! Urmm..over all i'm gonna miss the Harry Potter 6 and i will waiting the next Harry Potter movies..and i still not read Harry Potter and the half-blood prince yet.Yes I know!! i have to buy this and also the last book.Two more books of Harry Potter to read.Money$$..haha and lastly Half-blood Prince is Severus Snape.I don't shocked with that.I know..and off to me because i want to eat my popcorn.I'm not ate popcorn yesterday because i don't want to.Ha ha..obviously it is and the cinema was freaking cold like Vampire's body temperature.
My Daniel Radcliffe
Tom Felton always my hero! AWW!!!
So the important moments are thank you to Kaka Sap and i love Harry Potter so much!

♥just smile
6:33 PM