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Confession of Atykah Aura
Just don't give up.


Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ok..i don't know what to update or teling all about my life here..I just have a random thing to do in my life actually as my sister said 'Even though our life is just still the same we have to make our life productive'..GooOOood^_^b I dunno if that happen to me here.I want to find out what it is but i still searching.Ok..first of all in Ramadhan month i'm not doing anything like school or homework because i'm not anymore but now i have to study my ENGLISH again to get Credit in it. Well if i don't have english where should i go? because it's important..i don't care how much exam i took i never give up but of course i need a success. I will be working hard and never look back.So i took private exam this november.I dunno about my friends news..but yaaa like i care.This is me.Then i still practising my_____haha..i don't want to tell you what it is.It's secret. I still miss Robert Pattinson and Jared Padalecki.Even i watch them everyday, still i miss both of them like crazy.You know what they doesn't know you so why are you worried?? my answer is Duh! i love them so back off.Stay on your own bussiness.I don't care lah! And again i want to look new for my blogger skins.I guess it's will take a lot of time since i'm not using MAC. I'm used my dad's computer which is very slow and yaa i have the time limit to check or update my stuff.Shoot if i break the rule.So which 1? Stick to the rule, indeed.After that, i'm over.So wait me for another story which is will make you bored or know who the real me.Watchout!


♥just smile
11:36 AM

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Yes! i want to know why? Gah! i feel this is not the world i have to step and live. My life is zero..U all think so? Please give me something to do..Oh yaa my exam on june already came out and guess what how useless it is..haha..i'm only get 3D to all subjects i took.However, i'm cool because i will NEVER GIVE UP and i will change myself to be more ecstatic and always kind to all this universe around me.Correct me if i fell..haha..^^ My mom gave me this spirit to be more bless and always try again and enthusiatic is everything.It's good to have mom you know.She let me to take another exam this year on November.I have to take English to have a credit(you know i'm always weak with grammars and probably comprehension,too) Gah! i needs to work hard.What? 2 months to come..wow..i need to practise and if you read this..PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE Correct Me!
My tense of course and the way i'm organize my sentence. Breath! This is world..haha..so we have to come forward and faced it!
I need different thing also..~
So this is already 2009 and next year i want to aim BRIGHT FUTURE with A NEW LIFE..
I CAN'T WAIT TO CHANGE! HOW IS IT FEEL???? relief maybe..hehe..

So that's all...


♥just smile
12:35 PM

Sunday, August 23, 2009

If is this the new dvd cover well i kinda like this.. unique^__^

Sookis Stackhause and Bill Compton in True Blood S02

Ok yesterday i watch True Blood season 2 in Max at 10pm haha..i'm really surprised all the different than in the season 1..I guess this season 2 is way better than before..I can't wait to watch the third season in next summer 2010 also..I'm always thinking what happened to Sam actually i mean he's in problem now with MaryAnn..and i wonder and clearly that MaryAnn is very wicked woman i guess ohh nooo...and yaaa Lafayatte also Gah! it's scared me to death when i saw Eric killed that guy..silly silly guy he put silver cross on Eric's face and of course Eric mad to him.And also my favourite scene is always about Sookie and Bill.They look cute together.Plus i just new their engagement..WHAT? that make me shock again!well i like them both.Together fell in love during in and off screen.I hope they both will be marry.And happy together indeed. Oh yaa in the first episode when Bill told Sookie that he love her..i love you and bla..bla..bla..Hushhh! That's romantic vmpire... The thing is Sookie and Bill had their own chemistry...
People always ask what team are you in True blood?
TEAM ERIC is my answer..

You know how i wish to get Twilight or even True Blood T-SHIRT..and until now i never get one.. i dunno in my country if it exist that kind of stuff...haha..Laugh!
All right don't forget to support Vampire series Twilight Saga, True Blood and upcoming series based from LJ Smith's books named Vampire Kiss! It's Smooooooooooooooookin'

VAMPIRE always bite and sucks your BLOOD!


♥just smile
10:19 AM

Friday, August 21, 2009

Wow.. i'm not believe its already Ramadhan day and we all muslim people gather fasting in 1 month.I'm so excited about this.I can't wait to full fasing even though i will not since every female has their period time to think about and don't forget to pay it ok..all right i don't know if i can online since i know i'm still in under my parents control.It's very streez to handle it everytime.Gah! So i don't have anything to say much since i'm a little bit in a hurry.I want to watch supernatural right now.And i'm in rush! Faster!~ well my planning is i want to put my favourite korean drama right now it's called 'EAST OF EDEN' but you know i'm in a rush so maybe next time if i got time...Urrr...whatelse ok maybe that the time i want to say..
'Happy Fasting in Ramadhan'
P.s: Don't cheat, don't eat and fight desire~ Make a lot of good thing during Ramadhan because you will have a lot of advantages reward! Yaiiii...
So have fun..

♥just smile
1:08 PM

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

All right as you know it's been a long time i'm not bought any dvds for 4 months and that time on 13th August 2009 i bought 4 new dvds for me to watch.It is 17 AGAIN, HANNAH MONTANA THE MOVIE, FRIDAY THE 13TH AND LITTLE ASHES.Well i like 17 again and hannah montana because this two movies are really funny.If that two movies like Friday the 13th and Little Ashes seriously if you're not 18 above you should not watch this.NEVER! it's very jeopardy. I'm shocked there has this contain more than kissing.I don't know how to describe it.You will know what it is. GAH! It's so embarrassing especially when you watch 'Little ashes' by Robert Pattinson as Salvador Dali.Oh my..it's....(I can't say it)..spechless.Ok for all Robert Pattinson's fans..seriously do you like him in litttle ashes? My answer is definately, not! He's better be Edward Cullen rather as Salvador Dali.He is beyond lunatic.If you k=not believe me just buy the dvd and you will know what i mean.He is so totally different from Twilight and Harry Potter. Little Ashes is sucks! I don't want to think about it.So it's the same as Friday the 13th. Even though this is really a scary movie but there contain a lot of thing that we should not watch.Arrrgg! aren't that people sick of humiliating themselves in front of screen without any clothes and then have a s**. Phewws! That's why they're crazy! I bought Friday the 13th because Jared Padalecki. He's my favourite actor besides Robert Pattinson. He's so cute i wished i can smile at him and say Hi! Maybe i can have like Jared Padalecki as my boyfriend Dreaming sucks!! Hahahaha...My head is full with that sick movies and it's playing in my mind.Please stop! Distract it..~~ Well i hear Taylor Swift's song right now.Teardrops on my guitar.I like this song.Well i like her so much..~~^^

So this is it..



♥just smile
11:44 AM

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Seriously, i feel i want to write about David Henrie in my blog.I guess all the readers doesn't know who he is.Well, maybe you felt you knew him but you not so sure.Do you know Wizards of waverly place in disney channel? Aha!! You know right? No clue? Ur...i don't have any idea what to tell you guys.I don't care.My story is about him. i dream of him at dawn and in my dream he was a gay.Aha! and then i have a huge crush on him.That's crazy right? David just felt that he was a gay but the reality is he is not,actually. He is normal.What i'm remember in my dreamt was when i frank to him that i like him and he is not gay and he believe that.David doesn't have this confident on himself.When i told him what i felt about him.He is totally shocked and maybe he mad at me and crazy and maybe a little bit relieve.Gah! What happened to all of you if you felt that you are not homosexual person, really? Bless right? Yes!
Then, i was at the back of the veranda of this apartment.This mean i'm not so sure where my dream take me.I don't know where the hell i was staying.All the people trying to comfort me and suddenly, i heard David's voice. I'm really surprised and i turn around to look at him.He apologized what he sid.he explained everything and you know what he also like me.That's weird.And i told him that all of this is just my false and eventually we hugged..Awww!! and Duh!!
I know it's a stupid nding and i know it's a silly dreamt.I'm glad this is just a dream.I'm not expected this dream about David Henrie(Which is out of my brain and i'm not fans of him like i fans at Robert Pattinson or Jared Padalecki) could be happened to me.It's beyond on my mind.Aahhh..!! However, David Henrie is cute, btw.
So that's it.I hope David Henrie read my dumbfounded story and comment at my chatbox and saying.'That's a ridiculous thing taht ever happened to you' hahaha.Ypu wished.
So see you another daywith a new story..
P.s: I read somewhere in Popstar magazine saying that David Henrie have a girlfriend named, Lucy Hale.Ok i know who she is..Goood!! it's goood!!

♥just smile
12:04 PM

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Gah..i guess i'm in love with this two not that ordinary guys. I saw them yesterday at Tutong when i attend at Majlis Berbadak urr..which is this family are from rich, fame family.And our relationship which them is just like 2nd cousin and my mom is to them are relate 1st cousin. It's mean my mom's mother siblings..Phew, i dunno how to explain about heritage damn things.Whatever.Ok back from the stories..i guess yaa seriously this is not a joke. I'M IN LOVE say AWWWWww..!..Duh!
This first guy i saw from his expensive gorgeous car..i dunno the brand but it's more pricey than Mercedes Bandz or Royce Rolls..( i don't talk cars..sorry! if i got wrong or mis-spelled please tell me). He use white cara melayu and very tall which is really my taste..urr..wrong!! Not too tall like Jared Padelecki or Robert Pattinson.It's hard too look at their faces.Damnation! well i stared at him you know just to scrutiny his lovely charming face.He is just like prince charming.Boh! I'm starting again! Stop! Stop!

And the second guy i guess he is the perfect man that i ever saw yesterday.It's funny when we like two guys in the same place.It's weird.Well, i'm not greedy at all.I just want one..hehe..he is used spectacle and his height i dunno like 167 like that..well, that's nice and flawless.. I saw him just 1 shot then i never saw him again.What i knew is he stared at me back..what!! Haha..well that's ok...at least i like it..whatever again!
I know this is the shame thing ever to confessed~ If my dad or my family read this i'm gonna be dead..well perhaps..ok-ok..it's just for fun..less of idea..so this story came out at my mind and boom this is the story..
P.S: If this 2 guys read this..please tell me..haha..Yesterday night, at Majlis Berbadak, Radin Mas..so u know who u are..:D


♥just smile
2:34 PM

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ok..relax..august..whatup with it..i dunno..i been busy with my test which is i will not giving any clue what it is..maybe if i get i will tell it here..I still conting to New Moon premiere on November which is sucks when we knew that Rachelle Refavre are not going to be in Eclipse movies..Well i don't care who's the replacement.What i knew her name is Bryce..i hope she will be badass as what we imagine Victoria...I can't wait to watch it.Eclipse going to be blossom unpathetic movie..The plot of this movie are very simple compare to Breaking Dawn.Edward, Jacob and Bella will be in this mission to fight with Vampire Victoria..Its never be scared...What else..Urr..i dunno anything else on August..well yaa August and september are the best months ever because on August 22( maybe) we have fasting in bulan Ramadhan.A noble month and we will be celebrate a victory of Eid Day.This is the happy moments..But i like Ramadhan..Full of white and space..ok urr..thats all i guess.Sorry it's very short ans simple update..


♥just smile
11:58 AM