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Confession of Atykah Aura
Just don't give up.


Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Yes! i want to know why? Gah! i feel this is not the world i have to step and live. My life is zero..U all think so? Please give me something to do..Oh yaa my exam on june already came out and guess what how useless it is..haha..i'm only get 3D to all subjects i took.However, i'm cool because i will NEVER GIVE UP and i will change myself to be more ecstatic and always kind to all this universe around me.Correct me if i fell..haha..^^ My mom gave me this spirit to be more bless and always try again and enthusiatic is everything.It's good to have mom you know.She let me to take another exam this year on November.I have to take English to have a credit(you know i'm always weak with grammars and probably comprehension,too) Gah! i needs to work hard.What? 2 months to come..wow..i need to practise and if you read this..PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE Correct Me!
My tense of course and the way i'm organize my sentence. Breath! This is world..haha..so we have to come forward and faced it!
I need different thing also..~
So this is already 2009 and next year i want to aim BRIGHT FUTURE with A NEW LIFE..
I CAN'T WAIT TO CHANGE! HOW IS IT FEEL???? relief maybe..hehe..

So that's all...


♥just smile
12:35 PM