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Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

All right as you know it's been a long time i'm not bought any dvds for 4 months and that time on 13th August 2009 i bought 4 new dvds for me to watch.It is 17 AGAIN, HANNAH MONTANA THE MOVIE, FRIDAY THE 13TH AND LITTLE ASHES.Well i like 17 again and hannah montana because this two movies are really funny.If that two movies like Friday the 13th and Little Ashes seriously if you're not 18 above you should not watch this.NEVER! it's very jeopardy. I'm shocked there has this contain more than kissing.I don't know how to describe it.You will know what it is. GAH! It's so embarrassing especially when you watch 'Little ashes' by Robert Pattinson as Salvador Dali.Oh my..it's....(I can't say it)..spechless.Ok for all Robert Pattinson's fans..seriously do you like him in litttle ashes? My answer is definately, not! He's better be Edward Cullen rather as Salvador Dali.He is beyond lunatic.If you k=not believe me just buy the dvd and you will know what i mean.He is so totally different from Twilight and Harry Potter. Little Ashes is sucks! I don't want to think about it.So it's the same as Friday the 13th. Even though this is really a scary movie but there contain a lot of thing that we should not watch.Arrrgg! aren't that people sick of humiliating themselves in front of screen without any clothes and then have a s**. Phewws! That's why they're crazy! I bought Friday the 13th because Jared Padalecki. He's my favourite actor besides Robert Pattinson. He's so cute i wished i can smile at him and say Hi! Maybe i can have like Jared Padalecki as my boyfriend Dreaming sucks!! Hahahaha...My head is full with that sick movies and it's playing in my mind.Please stop! Distract it..~~ Well i hear Taylor Swift's song right now.Teardrops on my guitar.I like this song.Well i like her so much..~~^^

So this is it..



♥just smile
11:44 AM