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Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Seriously, i feel i want to write about David Henrie in my blog.I guess all the readers doesn't know who he is.Well, maybe you felt you knew him but you not so sure.Do you know Wizards of waverly place in disney channel? Aha!! You know right? No clue? Ur...i don't have any idea what to tell you guys.I don't care.My story is about him. i dream of him at dawn and in my dream he was a gay.Aha! and then i have a huge crush on him.That's crazy right? David just felt that he was a gay but the reality is he is not,actually. He is normal.What i'm remember in my dreamt was when i frank to him that i like him and he is not gay and he believe that.David doesn't have this confident on himself.When i told him what i felt about him.He is totally shocked and maybe he mad at me and crazy and maybe a little bit relieve.Gah! What happened to all of you if you felt that you are not homosexual person, really? Bless right? Yes!
Then, i was at the back of the veranda of this apartment.This mean i'm not so sure where my dream take me.I don't know where the hell i was staying.All the people trying to comfort me and suddenly, i heard David's voice. I'm really surprised and i turn around to look at him.He apologized what he sid.he explained everything and you know what he also like me.That's weird.And i told him that all of this is just my false and eventually we hugged..Awww!! and Duh!!
I know it's a stupid nding and i know it's a silly dreamt.I'm glad this is just a dream.I'm not expected this dream about David Henrie(Which is out of my brain and i'm not fans of him like i fans at Robert Pattinson or Jared Padalecki) could be happened to me.It's beyond on my mind.Aahhh..!! However, David Henrie is cute, btw.
So that's it.I hope David Henrie read my dumbfounded story and comment at my chatbox and saying.'That's a ridiculous thing taht ever happened to you' hahaha.Ypu wished.
So see you another daywith a new story..
P.s: I read somewhere in Popstar magazine saying that David Henrie have a girlfriend named, Lucy Hale.Ok i know who she is..Goood!! it's goood!!

♥just smile
12:04 PM