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Sunday, August 23, 2009

If is this the new dvd cover well i kinda like this.. unique^__^

Sookis Stackhause and Bill Compton in True Blood S02

Ok yesterday i watch True Blood season 2 in Max at 10pm haha..i'm really surprised all the different than in the season 1..I guess this season 2 is way better than before..I can't wait to watch the third season in next summer 2010 also..I'm always thinking what happened to Sam actually i mean he's in problem now with MaryAnn..and i wonder and clearly that MaryAnn is very wicked woman i guess ohh nooo...and yaaa Lafayatte also Gah! it's scared me to death when i saw Eric killed that guy..silly silly guy he put silver cross on Eric's face and of course Eric mad to him.And also my favourite scene is always about Sookie and Bill.They look cute together.Plus i just new their engagement..WHAT? that make me shock again!well i like them both.Together fell in love during in and off screen.I hope they both will be marry.And happy together indeed. Oh yaa in the first episode when Bill told Sookie that he love her..i love you and bla..bla..bla..Hushhh! That's romantic vmpire... The thing is Sookie and Bill had their own chemistry...
People always ask what team are you in True blood?
TEAM ERIC is my answer..

You know how i wish to get Twilight or even True Blood T-SHIRT..and until now i never get one.. i dunno in my country if it exist that kind of stuff...haha..Laugh!
All right don't forget to support Vampire series Twilight Saga, True Blood and upcoming series based from LJ Smith's books named Vampire Kiss! It's Smooooooooooooooookin'

VAMPIRE always bite and sucks your BLOOD!


♥just smile
10:19 AM