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Confession of Atykah Aura
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Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Saturday, August 8, 2009


Gah..i guess i'm in love with this two not that ordinary guys. I saw them yesterday at Tutong when i attend at Majlis Berbadak urr..which is this family are from rich, fame family.And our relationship which them is just like 2nd cousin and my mom is to them are relate 1st cousin. It's mean my mom's mother siblings..Phew, i dunno how to explain about heritage damn things.Whatever.Ok back from the stories..i guess yaa seriously this is not a joke. I'M IN LOVE say AWWWWww..!..Duh!
This first guy i saw from his expensive gorgeous car..i dunno the brand but it's more pricey than Mercedes Bandz or Royce Rolls..( i don't talk cars..sorry! if i got wrong or mis-spelled please tell me). He use white cara melayu and very tall which is really my taste..urr..wrong!! Not too tall like Jared Padelecki or Robert Pattinson.It's hard too look at their faces.Damnation! well i stared at him you know just to scrutiny his lovely charming face.He is just like prince charming.Boh! I'm starting again! Stop! Stop!

And the second guy i guess he is the perfect man that i ever saw yesterday.It's funny when we like two guys in the same place.It's weird.Well, i'm not greedy at all.I just want one..hehe..he is used spectacle and his height i dunno like 167 like that..well, that's nice and flawless.. I saw him just 1 shot then i never saw him again.What i knew is he stared at me back..what!! Haha..well that's ok...at least i like it..whatever again!
I know this is the shame thing ever to confessed~ If my dad or my family read this i'm gonna be dead..well perhaps..ok-ok..it's just for fun..less of idea..so this story came out at my mind and boom this is the story..
P.S: If this 2 guys read this..please tell me..haha..Yesterday night, at Majlis Berbadak, Radin Mas..so u know who u are..:D


♥just smile
2:34 PM