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Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Yes..here it is.Royal pains..another Tv series from Starworld.Another Grey's Anatomy or ER or General hospital Tv series..haha..What i'm trying to say is Royal pains is just like some kind of doctor, patients, hospital, cut, blood, disease and loads of pressure.Frankly, i'm saying that not bad for this Tv series..love it more than anything.It's funny and cheeky with a cute actors there..This series what i'm understand is about this guy name Hank Lawson by Mark Feuerstein.He is a doctor.I mean he was after he was dismissed because he let a rich men die.Well, what do you think you prefer? Save your friends or rich men instead.If me..i will not let my both patients died but hello i will prefer with a deathly patient indeed! Then it's equal then.And you have to think also is he just the only one doctor there? of course not right? whatever..well after he was dismissed then his brother Evan R. Lawson by Paulo Costanzo let him to chill from his brother lost job..Poor him! i will see he is so depressed.Pus he was dump by his girl friend.Again! that end of the world..haha..so from Brooklyn to Hamptons.No no..Hank's life doesn't stop just like that.He's lucky to save this one girl and he been offer to be a private doctor and live in a huge mansion that own by a rich person.Well he live with brother and why he live in a huge mansion that own by a rich men..? Mmmm..because he save a girl in that men's mansion.The men having a party mansion with a lot of chick! haha...Then his life change with a miracle.There i wrote it everything what i'm understand! Phew..not that easy! ^^

That's all for me, maybe.Gah..less of idea..no idea seriously! So see you!
Oh yaa OCTOBER is coming!
What do we have in OCTOBER?
Well, you WAIT!



♥just smile
9:38 PM

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wah..ok i'm update my blog today.I'm just want to update what happened yesterday or anything that come out in my mind.Seriously i have to finish up my C.V..i want to apply an empty vacancy since i knew i have to and i'm really desperate to find my own salary..i can't just simply using my parents money isn't it? hehe..good thinking.So wish me successful with everything..

Oh yaa i know i have done a lot of thing but i can't remember what it is..Shit! I knew i have to write it down so that i know what i want to update about..Ermm..Yaa ok..

i was fasting for two days already..haha.There's a lot of obstacle and i have to endure all of 13 hours..You know it's just the same as fasting in Ramadhan..There's nothing different with it.Hehe..i'm ok..Of course i will see my parents and brothers eating..Well like i care..I know i can and walaaa it's work..Fasting is really great...Love it..But today i'm not fasting.Let it like jumble days..Tomorrow i will.Then i'm not the next day..Until i finish to six days..So i don't have to have a last minute fasting..Wuhuuu~

You know i already watch Sunday School Musical.Wow..it's a great movie..It's just like high school musical, Another cinderella story or Fame.There have this musical.However this movie it's more into koir..(i dunno the english..how to pronoun it? HELP ME!)And church! There have a great actors, indeed! i like Chris Chatman.He is not that famous with a lot of movies but i adore his voice.Gah, if he have an album.Sure i will buy it! and Dustin Fitzsimons..This guy as well not a famous actor like Zac Efron or Brad Pitt surely but he is really talented also with a nice-looking guy ha ha...Funny! Well all of you guys should watch this..Instance and Right now!My favourite songs in Sunday school musical are In my shoe and Do my own thing..It's awesome songs! Great..you guys should hear it..

What else..? Urr..Oh yaa yesterday night plus today all Tutong maybe Keriam Lah no eletricity at all..Damn..it's hot and i can't slept..seriously it's annoying..No light about 6 hours i guess..it shut at half past seven and on at exactly at two in the morning.Can you imagine how suffered i am.I slept in living room with my dad..and it's being accompany with two candles..haha..it distress and i'm just slept like hell but i able to read book.It's a great book and funny by Judy Blume wifey..Then after all the light are on.Bless i'm straight away brushed my teeth and dreaming until the end i slept with a lot of dream..I'm a little bit confuse because i dreamt a lot this time.I dunno..It's very annoyed me and i'm thinking a lot of things..Help me! Dream is not what i want.I want to sleep in peace..You know maybe i will die in sleep..Haha..but i have make a will before i'm die.Not funny at all...hehe..

Then, i watch F1 live in SINGAPORE...wow..victory for Lewis Hamilton..Mclaren Mercedes is awesome you know..but still i wish Kimi Raikkonen won..but he is in 10th position..over all Lewis deserve it everything..^^

Then, here i am..i want to finish up my C.V..Gah..and sent straight away to the them..Them? should i tell you guys..Nah..~

So that it for today..see you,


♥just smile
11:36 AM

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Nothing special for my raya today or yesterday or last two days..it's just still an ordinary raya and it's not that bored but something that we don't have to do..it's getting on my nerve as usual..Oh yaa i was Raya at my cousin's house at Bebatik Kilanas.They've 'open hause'.Kaka Supi and Kaka Sarinah are the best cousin ever..Nyummy foods indeed! Then my rezeki was money or you can called it 'AMPAU'..That's nothing with it..i'm just bless with it and thanked to them.And i'm also met my cousin, Insyirah.She showed me her JIS Coursework Art.It's spectacular and beautiful drawing..I like it! she's the best drawer and i'm adore it so much! Syirah seriously your painting and drawing are all awesome..I can't do that as what you did..at least if i want to hard work with that..We have a similar interest.Both of us like to DRAW..seriously drawing is some kind like you express something to something..you know i showed my drawing in here..if i'm not mistaken i put it on june i guess..You search it for yourself hehe...Then we go Raya at my parent friend..long time friendship..They're really close! i ate ice cream for that hehe because i'm already fulled with Satay, Chicken, Spagetti and more! Then i got Ampau again..wow..memang hari rezeki hehe..that's my day! Then i'm exhausted but still have an energetic mood..i watched tv but i'm forgot what i watched hehe..never mind..so i as you know i couldn't sleep without dreaming or books so i'm choosed book and i read Shopaholic and sisters until then i slept with another weird dream( i'm not remember but i knew it's weird).. what else....
city girl Pictures, Images and Photos
Ya we have open house at my home and it's not that cool because my dad invited just their close friends then my cousin coming and my sister and her baby Afrina ehehe..cute and tambam lagi tu..I ate 'Nasi Ayam' for my breakfast, afternoon and dinner'..totally uncool haha..i mean i gained another weight..i'm not even controlling myself..Gah can you help me.You know i'm even have this dream to join 'The biggest loser'<--whatever! I'm okay! i'm still young and i still have a chance to change it before it's too late..What is this..? This should be a secret! again who's care? Then i watch Miley Cyrus new videoParty in the USA.She's very good and i like her new video..totally awesome..she's different now and you can see her new transformation which is good, too..This is her video..watch this..you will like it..

Enjoy of her new video..

What else urrm..i don't have nothing much to write.Gah i need something..ok ok now i practising my Art hehe..it's been a long time so why not right!

Eventually it's just the end ,


♥just smile
6:19 PM

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Huahaha..i dunno what to update and what stories should i share to all my lovely readers..My raya are totally bored! hehe..Kes malas tahun ani..Well dong malas-malas..I guess i just want to share a little bit about my random stuff..as usual i....(no idea* blank eeh)
Oh yaa i got my Twitter so do follow me all right at..
I'm sorry the picture is smaller here..if you want it big.You just can simply click the picture^^

The connection today are totally slow and i really dislike it...why! why! why! Purke! hehehe..
My mood are really COOL today..smooth and relax:D even though this connection are border me a lot..but hell yaaa I'M OK

And i'm doing my new photobucket since i'm using a lot of codes to copies paste..lot of work to do! but i like it and it's some kind like a hobby to me isn't it?

Hehe..now i like photobucket!
So thats all from me today...see you eveyone...
your love,


♥just smile
11:59 AM

Monday, September 21, 2009

Ok..i know i'm not update my blog for a weeks i guess..not counting..As you know Raya is coming already and i'm really exhausted! It's not that easy you know..My job is giving people a drink.Thats fun! I like it very much than going to other people house.Hehe thats shame! well, thats me! whatever.All right i'm so excited with because the tv programmes are awesome.However i know i will never watch once because i'm so busy or like this words malas!.Hehe that is good.I can practice not to watch any Tv since now! Gah! i dunno what to update.

Oh ya i bought 3 new dvds! yes! i know right.I bought Fired up!, Ghost of girlfriend past and Sunday school musical well i already watch Fired up! It's so hilarious movie especially two friends that act by Nicholas D'Agosto and Eric Olsen.I like them both! i fell in love with Nicholas.I saw him before in Heroes season 2.Seriously he's so cute! I'm like speechless! well i still love Robert Pattinson of course hehe..you guys should watch Fired up! MUST! if you talk cheerleader or friends and teamates this is suitable for all of you.Trust me!

Then i dunno about Ghost of girlfriend past and sunday school musical because i'm not watch this yet.Obviously! haha. Well i heard from other people that they said the movie is good.Maybe! thats why i want to watch this.About sunday school musical.I dunno this at all.I just grab it.I'm not heard this from any Tv.I just curious and bought it but not watch it yet.So thats all my share to all of my readers about my movies.

Oh yaa i just want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EMEL..She's turn 19 and thats cool.Isnt it? i already sent her birthday greeting in her facebook but i want to say at here as well.From me to you i hope you will be success everytime and May Allah bless you and i love you Emel.You are my friend and always be my friend! Remember that! Mel masih simpan my card that i gave it to you last 2 years kah? hehe..i hope our friendship will everlasting forever even we don't see each other for a long time but i hope to see you soon..:D

So that's all from me!


♥just smile
8:32 PM

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Atykah: Seriously Damn!
Feeqah: Why?
Atykah: Handsome, cute, good-looking, attractive oh God! Everything
Feeqah: Which one?
Atykah: All of them...obviously!
Feeqah: Can i pick one?
Atykah: Ok! Which one?
Feeqah: All of them!
Aykah: You said one and you want all of them..no way Fee..
Feeqah: How about you? you take all of them..no way Ty..
Atykah: So?
Feeqah: So my idea is you should leave all of them and give me all of them to me..
Atykah: No way!!
( Robert Pattinson, Jim Sturgess and Hugh Dancy came!)
Robert Pattinson: Woo lady..chill out..
Jim Sturgess: Yaaa!! Have a coffee break!
Hugh Dancy: Yes lady don't worry we all three love you!
Atykah:That unfair!
Robert Pattinson: Fair!
Feeqah: Absolutely not FAIR!(Scream)
So the ending will never end and the story will never have anything conclusion..How are you going to do about it??
Hahaha...this conversation are not real!


♥just smile
8:14 PM

All right i got new shoes for Raya of course.My mom paid it! Thanks Mom! Kiss you! Urr..i got new clothes which i bought at somewhere which is you will never want to know where hehe..ok my stories is about books hehe..i mean books obsessed by me because books is everything.I like Fiction books mostly..that's why i like to dream and laugh with my own self which is people will think i'm crazy..well i hope not! ok that time i went to Best Eastern bookstore at Mall.My own foot never resist to go to any bookstore and when i got my pocket money(if enough! Books are priceee) i will buy anything books i liked.I bought a novel by Amanda Quick.The title is 'DESIRE'.It is a romance fiction old story.And i'm recommend to all of you who love romance books and you should read this! Come on! it's a very good book. I read her other book called 'Ravished' and it's amazing books.

And yaa other than that i bought Archie, Betty and Veronica comics.Haha.I'm fell in love with this comics since i knew how to read.Laugh! it's so amuse especially Archie, indeed! and beyond awesome! I like the only Archie comics.It's just it! I was visiting their website.It's so colourful and you guys should visit it too because you guys will never be dissapointed! i mean if you are the real Archie fans.Haha..i'm not forced to all of you to visit it..go [here].Don't ever forget this! Ok maybe i will share to you guys the real archie and friends look! It's cute!

Ok..as you know i'm not bought Amanda Quick's novel after that i read.Urr..i'm just keep it and until i want to read it. I will.Right now i read by Sophie Kinsella's novel called 'Shopaholic Ties and Knot'.That's the first book i read for this year. i heard from oher people saying that the books are really good books.All the series are goods. I want to read all of them.Especially Twenties. I want to read that else well.I know all our local bookstore sold this books but i have to look the price.I'm not rich to able look that expensive price..Gah!And the movie is okay! i like it also.Humour and witty!

I guess this the only time that i can shared to all my precious readers about what i'm doing and what i like.Until see you again!
Your love,


♥just smile
6:58 PM

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Awesome iCons and wallpaper!!

New MoonNew MoonNew MoonNew MoonNew Moon

New Moon

New Moon

P.S: Well, you don't have to surprise or thinking that i'm crazy haha


♥just smile
7:44 PM

Ok it's me again.I want to share about movies that i want to watch and i already watched...Yup! i know i like to watch movies in HBO and Starmovies even bought the latest movie dvds..well mate i can spent all my money for Dvds and Books almost.I'm crazy! haha..so do not ever near with me because i might borrowed your money from you! Gah! kidding mate! haha..So let i'm intro with my movies of the year...
- I watch 21 in HBO.Seriously i like this movie more than ever.You guys should watch this if you like to play cards in Las Vegas..and and in this movie they provide a very good looking British guy named JIM STURGESS. I'm not even know he is british for the first time then when i goggling him well i'm surprised and he can sing.He remind me another British guy name Robert Pattinson. You know him right? ha ha..i guess i'm in love with British guy well just the actors not anybody.Haha..funny! I LOVE THEIR ACCENT!

And this 3 movies that i'm desperately to watch this september and october...well maybe i just wait the dvds instead wasting my money to watch in the cinema when we have a money to buy the dvds.However, i'm not the first person to know the plot of the movies but i'm not regret to wait the dvds because i can watch it over and over again! Isn't it? say Yes! hehe..
Let see:

-Sorority Row! I knew this movie from GALA TV in Awani...channel 501 in Astro..whatever! It's just coincidence..and i know one of the actress name Briana Evigan. This is one of scary-horror movie that you need to have your pillow, dark-gloom room and your popcorn to shut your mouth! haha..this is based from classic 60-s movies and their make in fresh and new..so that awesome right! so wait at the cinema on 2nd october( maybe!)

-Gamer! yeah..is they anybody love to play game? me, YES! Gerard Butler.Well, i'm not a big fans of him but seriously i like him in Ugly truth.No offence! haha..this movie all about game which is i dunno how to explain.Urr..you know where to search!

-And Final destination 3-D. Who's care if you not watch Final destination 1, 2 and 3 , yet! i'm not even care because there're no continuation.3D better than before movies...I heard from other people who already watch Final Destination 3-D.It's awesome! Amazing effect! Scary!Wooo..maybe i just bought the dvds instead.Not complicated at all..Just wait..In this movie i dunno who the actors..it's new for me!

Ok! thats all that i want to recommended about this 3 movies..plus 1 movie that i already watch in HBO.Ermm..other movies thats in my list a lot so wait! i still wait New moon! indeed! and i want to watch (500) days of summer, the proposal, the ugly truth, true blood season 2 dvds box and more!! everything are movies! crazy hehe:D

P.S: I finished read Harry Potter and the deathly hollow.Surprised! Lupin, Tonks, Fred died! Pity!


♥just smile
5:41 PM

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Says if you're Team JACOB BLACK..i give you credit...I LOVE YOU!!! Haha..:D

Twilight Saga
If you want more Twilight or other wallpapers of your favourite celebrities come


♥just smile
12:23 PM

All right i dunno what to write in my blog because i don't have something to write.Duh! but i'm just want to make an update about 999...Beautiful right..I dunno what so special today.What occasion going to be happened and what history going to be keep it the history world record.Haha i dunno. Perhaps, something weird happened or they meet their soulmate today or they win something or maybe they die! woow..that's tragic.I'm not going to die in this beautiful number to make something unnessassary right? but if i'm die because i'll die for reason and God want me to die today urrr...that's a different story isn't it..Gah! Ok..i don't want to talk about die..

Urr..right..i still read Harry Potter and the deathly hollow Pheww.. it's tempting and i was still poundering!Lord Voldemort (hate it!) you know.He don't have mercy.One he kill Harry Potter's parents then Neville Longbottom's parents without a reason at all then other people that he killed with this jinx..AVADAKADBRA(urrr..mind spelling).Then Voldemort's followers are very cruel 'DEATH'S EATERS'<--Whatever..mostly! like Bellatrix Lestranges .She killed Sirius Black a.k.a Harry's Godfather. Then she torture Hermione in 7th books...what! Hate it! then other Malfoy's families.Who else urr..yaa Peter Pettigrew a.k.a Wormtail.Not a good friend at all.Rubbish!! Hate them! i'm blissed in the end Voldemort( you know i'm not even scared saying his name out loud! Rather than You-Know -Who!) died!!!! Bye wicked Tom Riddle! Gah! Breath! Breath! ok in this books they're more about friendship adventure with this 3 friends you know who.Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasly.I can't wait to watch the movies yaa they split with 2 parts for this Deathly hollow movies..i dunno why? but yaaa...juat wait for it..you know in this 7th books they're a lot of people that died! haaha..like Mad-eyes Moody then Dooby(again this is all Bellatrix false!) and more..i'm not remember..! i like Harry Potter's adventure...Yeheee! Wow...all about Harry Potter! ok whatelse for 999 topics..Ermmm no idea..hehe..

oh yaa you know i want to buy True Blood season 2 dvds..I hope there're in dvds's 'store right now because i'm just grab like instance! Gah, i'm crazy about VAMPIRE..that's weird..vampire are sexy! like Vampire Edward Cullen.(whatever, i'm Team Jacob Black!) and Vampire Bill Compton in True Blood.Vampire Stephan in Vampire diaries.More, more vampire..haha..*__*

So that's all
P.S: Thanks Mom, for yesterday treat at Zaza's restaurant( is it true?) with family!

♥just smile
11:04 AM