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Confession of Atykah Aura
Just don't give up.


Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wah..ok i'm update my blog today.I'm just want to update what happened yesterday or anything that come out in my mind.Seriously i have to finish up my C.V..i want to apply an empty vacancy since i knew i have to and i'm really desperate to find my own salary..i can't just simply using my parents money isn't it? hehe..good thinking.So wish me successful with everything..

Oh yaa i know i have done a lot of thing but i can't remember what it is..Shit! I knew i have to write it down so that i know what i want to update about..Ermm..Yaa ok..

i was fasting for two days already..haha.There's a lot of obstacle and i have to endure all of 13 hours..You know it's just the same as fasting in Ramadhan..There's nothing different with it.Hehe..i'm ok..Of course i will see my parents and brothers eating..Well like i care..I know i can and walaaa it's work..Fasting is really great...Love it..But today i'm not fasting.Let it like jumble days..Tomorrow i will.Then i'm not the next day..Until i finish to six days..So i don't have to have a last minute fasting..Wuhuuu~

You know i already watch Sunday School Musical.Wow..it's a great movie..It's just like high school musical, Another cinderella story or Fame.There have this musical.However this movie it's more into koir..(i dunno the english..how to pronoun it? HELP ME!)And church! There have a great actors, indeed! i like Chris Chatman.He is not that famous with a lot of movies but i adore his voice.Gah, if he have an album.Sure i will buy it! and Dustin Fitzsimons..This guy as well not a famous actor like Zac Efron or Brad Pitt surely but he is really talented also with a nice-looking guy ha ha...Funny! Well all of you guys should watch this..Instance and Right now!My favourite songs in Sunday school musical are In my shoe and Do my own thing..It's awesome songs! Great..you guys should hear it..

What else..? Urr..Oh yaa yesterday night plus today all Tutong maybe Keriam Lah no eletricity at all..Damn..it's hot and i can't slept..seriously it's annoying..No light about 6 hours i guess..it shut at half past seven and on at exactly at two in the morning.Can you imagine how suffered i am.I slept in living room with my dad..and it's being accompany with two candles..haha..it distress and i'm just slept like hell but i able to read book.It's a great book and funny by Judy Blume wifey..Then after all the light are on.Bless i'm straight away brushed my teeth and dreaming until the end i slept with a lot of dream..I'm a little bit confuse because i dreamt a lot this time.I dunno..It's very annoyed me and i'm thinking a lot of things..Help me! Dream is not what i want.I want to sleep in peace..You know maybe i will die in sleep..Haha..but i have make a will before i'm die.Not funny at all...hehe..

Then, i watch F1 live in SINGAPORE...wow..victory for Lewis Hamilton..Mclaren Mercedes is awesome you know..but still i wish Kimi Raikkonen won..but he is in 10th position..over all Lewis deserve it everything..^^

Then, here i am..i want to finish up my C.V..Gah..and sent straight away to the them..Them? should i tell you guys..Nah..~

So that it for today..see you,


♥just smile
11:36 AM