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Confession of Atykah Aura
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Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

All right i got new shoes for Raya of course.My mom paid it! Thanks Mom! Kiss you! Urr..i got new clothes which i bought at somewhere which is you will never want to know where hehe..ok my stories is about books hehe..i mean books obsessed by me because books is everything.I like Fiction books mostly..that's why i like to dream and laugh with my own self which is people will think i'm crazy..well i hope not! ok that time i went to Best Eastern bookstore at Mall.My own foot never resist to go to any bookstore and when i got my pocket money(if enough! Books are priceee) i will buy anything books i liked.I bought a novel by Amanda Quick.The title is 'DESIRE'.It is a romance fiction old story.And i'm recommend to all of you who love romance books and you should read this! Come on! it's a very good book. I read her other book called 'Ravished' and it's amazing books.

And yaa other than that i bought Archie, Betty and Veronica comics.Haha.I'm fell in love with this comics since i knew how to read.Laugh! it's so amuse especially Archie, indeed! and beyond awesome! I like the only Archie comics.It's just it! I was visiting their website.It's so colourful and you guys should visit it too because you guys will never be dissapointed! i mean if you are the real Archie fans.Haha..i'm not forced to all of you to visit it..go [here].Don't ever forget this! Ok maybe i will share to you guys the real archie and friends look! It's cute!

Ok..as you know i'm not bought Amanda Quick's novel after that i read.Urr..i'm just keep it and until i want to read it. I will.Right now i read by Sophie Kinsella's novel called 'Shopaholic Ties and Knot'.That's the first book i read for this year. i heard from oher people saying that the books are really good books.All the series are goods. I want to read all of them.Especially Twenties. I want to read that else well.I know all our local bookstore sold this books but i have to look the price.I'm not rich to able look that expensive price..Gah!And the movie is okay! i like it also.Humour and witty!

I guess this the only time that i can shared to all my precious readers about what i'm doing and what i like.Until see you again!
Your love,


♥just smile
6:58 PM