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Confession of Atykah Aura
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Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Monday, September 21, 2009

Ok..i know i'm not update my blog for a weeks i guess..not counting..As you know Raya is coming already and i'm really exhausted! It's not that easy you know..My job is giving people a drink.Thats fun! I like it very much than going to other people house.Hehe thats shame! well, thats me! whatever.All right i'm so excited with because the tv programmes are awesome.However i know i will never watch once because i'm so busy or like this words malas!.Hehe that is good.I can practice not to watch any Tv since now! Gah! i dunno what to update.

Oh ya i bought 3 new dvds! yes! i know right.I bought Fired up!, Ghost of girlfriend past and Sunday school musical well i already watch Fired up! It's so hilarious movie especially two friends that act by Nicholas D'Agosto and Eric Olsen.I like them both! i fell in love with Nicholas.I saw him before in Heroes season 2.Seriously he's so cute! I'm like speechless! well i still love Robert Pattinson of course hehe..you guys should watch Fired up! MUST! if you talk cheerleader or friends and teamates this is suitable for all of you.Trust me!

Then i dunno about Ghost of girlfriend past and sunday school musical because i'm not watch this yet.Obviously! haha. Well i heard from other people that they said the movie is good.Maybe! thats why i want to watch this.About sunday school musical.I dunno this at all.I just grab it.I'm not heard this from any Tv.I just curious and bought it but not watch it yet.So thats all my share to all of my readers about my movies.

Oh yaa i just want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EMEL..She's turn 19 and thats cool.Isnt it? i already sent her birthday greeting in her facebook but i want to say at here as well.From me to you i hope you will be success everytime and May Allah bless you and i love you Emel.You are my friend and always be my friend! Remember that! Mel masih simpan my card that i gave it to you last 2 years kah? hehe..i hope our friendship will everlasting forever even we don't see each other for a long time but i hope to see you soon..:D

So that's all from me!


♥just smile
8:32 PM