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Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ok it's me again.I want to share about movies that i want to watch and i already watched...Yup! i know i like to watch movies in HBO and Starmovies even bought the latest movie dvds..well mate i can spent all my money for Dvds and Books almost.I'm crazy! haha..so do not ever near with me because i might borrowed your money from you! Gah! kidding mate! haha..So let i'm intro with my movies of the year...
- I watch 21 in HBO.Seriously i like this movie more than ever.You guys should watch this if you like to play cards in Las Vegas..and and in this movie they provide a very good looking British guy named JIM STURGESS. I'm not even know he is british for the first time then when i goggling him well i'm surprised and he can sing.He remind me another British guy name Robert Pattinson. You know him right? ha ha..i guess i'm in love with British guy well just the actors not anybody.Haha..funny! I LOVE THEIR ACCENT!

And this 3 movies that i'm desperately to watch this september and october...well maybe i just wait the dvds instead wasting my money to watch in the cinema when we have a money to buy the dvds.However, i'm not the first person to know the plot of the movies but i'm not regret to wait the dvds because i can watch it over and over again! Isn't it? say Yes! hehe..
Let see:

-Sorority Row! I knew this movie from GALA TV in Awani...channel 501 in Astro..whatever! It's just coincidence..and i know one of the actress name Briana Evigan. This is one of scary-horror movie that you need to have your pillow, dark-gloom room and your popcorn to shut your mouth! haha..this is based from classic 60-s movies and their make in fresh and new..so that awesome right! so wait at the cinema on 2nd october( maybe!)

-Gamer! yeah..is they anybody love to play game? me, YES! Gerard Butler.Well, i'm not a big fans of him but seriously i like him in Ugly truth.No offence! haha..this movie all about game which is i dunno how to explain.Urr..you know where to search!

-And Final destination 3-D. Who's care if you not watch Final destination 1, 2 and 3 , yet! i'm not even care because there're no continuation.3D better than before movies...I heard from other people who already watch Final Destination 3-D.It's awesome! Amazing effect! Scary!Wooo..maybe i just bought the dvds instead.Not complicated at all..Just wait..In this movie i dunno who the actors..it's new for me!

Ok! thats all that i want to recommended about this 3 movies..plus 1 movie that i already watch in HBO.Ermm..other movies thats in my list a lot so wait! i still wait New moon! indeed! and i want to watch (500) days of summer, the proposal, the ugly truth, true blood season 2 dvds box and more!! everything are movies! crazy hehe:D

P.S: I finished read Harry Potter and the deathly hollow.Surprised! Lupin, Tonks, Fred died! Pity!


♥just smile
5:41 PM