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Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

All right i dunno what to write in my blog because i don't have something to write.Duh! but i'm just want to make an update about 999...Beautiful right..I dunno what so special today.What occasion going to be happened and what history going to be keep it the history world record.Haha i dunno. Perhaps, something weird happened or they meet their soulmate today or they win something or maybe they die! woow..that's tragic.I'm not going to die in this beautiful number to make something unnessassary right? but if i'm die because i'll die for reason and God want me to die today urrr...that's a different story isn't it..Gah! Ok..i don't want to talk about die..

Urr..right..i still read Harry Potter and the deathly hollow Pheww.. it's tempting and i was still poundering!Lord Voldemort (hate it!) you know.He don't have mercy.One he kill Harry Potter's parents then Neville Longbottom's parents without a reason at all then other people that he killed with this jinx..AVADAKADBRA(urrr..mind spelling).Then Voldemort's followers are very cruel 'DEATH'S EATERS'<--Whatever..mostly! like Bellatrix Lestranges .She killed Sirius Black a.k.a Harry's Godfather. Then she torture Hermione in 7th books...what! Hate it! then other Malfoy's families.Who else urr..yaa Peter Pettigrew a.k.a Wormtail.Not a good friend at all.Rubbish!! Hate them! i'm blissed in the end Voldemort( you know i'm not even scared saying his name out loud! Rather than You-Know -Who!) died!!!! Bye wicked Tom Riddle! Gah! Breath! Breath! ok in this books they're more about friendship adventure with this 3 friends you know who.Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasly.I can't wait to watch the movies yaa they split with 2 parts for this Deathly hollow movies..i dunno why? but yaaa...juat wait for it..you know in this 7th books they're a lot of people that died! haaha..like Mad-eyes Moody then Dooby(again this is all Bellatrix false!) and more..i'm not remember..! i like Harry Potter's adventure...Yeheee! Wow...all about Harry Potter! ok whatelse for 999 topics..Ermmm no idea..hehe..

oh yaa you know i want to buy True Blood season 2 dvds..I hope there're in dvds's 'store right now because i'm just grab like instance! Gah, i'm crazy about VAMPIRE..that's weird..vampire are sexy! like Vampire Edward Cullen.(whatever, i'm Team Jacob Black!) and Vampire Bill Compton in True Blood.Vampire Stephan in Vampire diaries.More, more vampire..haha..*__*

So that's all
P.S: Thanks Mom, for yesterday treat at Zaza's restaurant( is it true?) with family!

♥just smile
11:04 AM