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Confession of Atykah Aura
Just don't give up.


Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Nothing special for my raya today or yesterday or last two days..it's just still an ordinary raya and it's not that bored but something that we don't have to do..it's getting on my nerve as usual..Oh yaa i was Raya at my cousin's house at Bebatik Kilanas.They've 'open hause'.Kaka Supi and Kaka Sarinah are the best cousin ever..Nyummy foods indeed! Then my rezeki was money or you can called it 'AMPAU'..That's nothing with it..i'm just bless with it and thanked to them.And i'm also met my cousin, Insyirah.She showed me her JIS Coursework Art.It's spectacular and beautiful drawing..I like it! she's the best drawer and i'm adore it so much! Syirah seriously your painting and drawing are all awesome..I can't do that as what you did..at least if i want to hard work with that..We have a similar interest.Both of us like to DRAW..seriously drawing is some kind like you express something to something..you know i showed my drawing in here..if i'm not mistaken i put it on june i guess..You search it for yourself hehe...Then we go Raya at my parent friend..long time friendship..They're really close! i ate ice cream for that hehe because i'm already fulled with Satay, Chicken, Spagetti and more! Then i got Ampau again..wow..memang hari rezeki hehe..that's my day! Then i'm exhausted but still have an energetic mood..i watched tv but i'm forgot what i watched hehe..never mind..so i as you know i couldn't sleep without dreaming or books so i'm choosed book and i read Shopaholic and sisters until then i slept with another weird dream( i'm not remember but i knew it's weird).. what else....
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Ya we have open house at my home and it's not that cool because my dad invited just their close friends then my cousin coming and my sister and her baby Afrina ehehe..cute and tambam lagi tu..I ate 'Nasi Ayam' for my breakfast, afternoon and dinner'..totally uncool haha..i mean i gained another weight..i'm not even controlling myself..Gah can you help me.You know i'm even have this dream to join 'The biggest loser'<--whatever! I'm okay! i'm still young and i still have a chance to change it before it's too late..What is this..? This should be a secret! again who's care? Then i watch Miley Cyrus new videoParty in the USA.She's very good and i like her new video..totally awesome..she's different now and you can see her new transformation which is good, too..This is her video..watch this..you will like it..

Enjoy of her new video..

What else urrm..i don't have nothing much to write.Gah i need something..ok ok now i practising my Art hehe..it's been a long time so why not right!

Eventually it's just the end ,


♥just smile
6:19 PM