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Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Yes..here it is.Royal pains..another Tv series from Starworld.Another Grey's Anatomy or ER or General hospital Tv series..haha..What i'm trying to say is Royal pains is just like some kind of doctor, patients, hospital, cut, blood, disease and loads of pressure.Frankly, i'm saying that not bad for this Tv series..love it more than anything.It's funny and cheeky with a cute actors there..This series what i'm understand is about this guy name Hank Lawson by Mark Feuerstein.He is a doctor.I mean he was after he was dismissed because he let a rich men die.Well, what do you think you prefer? Save your friends or rich men instead.If me..i will not let my both patients died but hello i will prefer with a deathly patient indeed! Then it's equal then.And you have to think also is he just the only one doctor there? of course not right? whatever..well after he was dismissed then his brother Evan R. Lawson by Paulo Costanzo let him to chill from his brother lost job..Poor him! i will see he is so depressed.Pus he was dump by his girl friend.Again! that end of the world..haha..so from Brooklyn to Hamptons.No no..Hank's life doesn't stop just like that.He's lucky to save this one girl and he been offer to be a private doctor and live in a huge mansion that own by a rich person.Well he live with brother and why he live in a huge mansion that own by a rich men..? Mmmm..because he save a girl in that men's mansion.The men having a party mansion with a lot of chick! haha...Then his life change with a miracle.There i wrote it everything what i'm understand! Phew..not that easy! ^^

That's all for me, maybe.Gah..less of idea..no idea seriously! So see you!
Oh yaa OCTOBER is coming!
What do we have in OCTOBER?
Well, you WAIT!



♥just smile
9:38 PM