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Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

All right..September is here and it's an awesome september because september way to have a lot of thing to do..he he..Ok urrm..we still fasting in Ramadhan and in septembe we also celebrate Eid days which is lot of people excited about it including me i guess haha..You know treat people and say hi..give them drinks them AMPAU! cheeeh apakan..i want ampau ehh..if you want to know what ampau is..It is some kind like an envelope which is money inside in it. i hope i can get more than hundred this year..ha ha..i like money..well, i still dunno what to talk for my september since it's still in september 2nd.Oh yaa good news i bought THE HOST by Stephenie Meyer already.I'm so pleased that time when i was in Giant and i saw in front of the Best Eastern bookstore it show The host novel.I ran and ask my mom to buy it for me.Well as usual she will ask me what it is and how about the price and i'm just answer what she asked.Eventually it's work! Gah, how bliss i am..he he.like it's the happiest moment in my life^^ Happy! Now, i'm read the book..still chapter 4 haha..i know..i'm slow..well i have to be slow because i need to know what it is about.Then that night i watch 36th annual American music awards 2008 at 8tv..It was last year awards but i don't care..i saw Riri and Chris Brown together..ha ha..what a tragic Chris..Yaii ermm..the introduction performance by Christina Aguilera.Stunning performance from her..i like her..then New kids in the block..Scream!!! Do you know how cute they still are? Pheww..i was remember when my sister craving at them and now she still craving at them.Are they already married? i dunno..but well i like their song called Dirty dance. Oh yaa i saw Taylor Swift.She's singing and always white and beautiful.And she won an awards under best country song or female whatever i'm forgot..she's speechless that time since that was her first time winner..poor her but she deserve to win..I like her also.Then of course the only Miley Cyrus.She bring Fly on the wall song..and that time she was celebrated her 16th birthday..duh! Then i love Beyonce's performance.Single Ladies..w-o-w..Energetic and marvelous...hehe.. Finally my Jonas Brothers hehe..i like them..You know when i saw Jonas in disneychannel..thats a really comedy tv series..especially Kevin..he's so funny and a little bit dahhh!!! haha and Joe and nick they're cute..^^
Mixed up with Twilight fans with Disney fans

So that's all i guess..hehe..i got a lot of thing to share but i'm forgot sometime..so next time..


♥just smile
11:27 AM