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Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Saturday, October 31, 2009

You know how desperate i am to have the shirt.Gah..well what i know to make a t-shirt is not that difficult. I can do that actually. By my own hands and skill.I learn printing and so on but yaa how can i afford to buy the machine, colours, bla bla bla.. hehe.. i wish i have them all. haha sucks me.. all right maybe this is what i want during my birthday. hehe..well i am not poor enough to have this kind of shirt but that what i really want. I want all the people to know that i am a biggest fan of warewolves. Hahaha.. i do not care anything.. so check this out. My favourite new moon shirt. I can used this during cold time. Well maybe during my sleep because at night i sleep with air conditioner..and i can dream with it. :)

Both of them are awesome!

Which one is your favourite? well both of them your moron! Gah! i like JACOB BLACK so much. He is my wolves and my own blood. We will never gone beside each other. Jake marry me! Lol! I got this from [HERE] so do check it more. I do not know how to buy it from there. I live in Brunei so it is not sold from Asia lah.. I have check ebay already but none of them are the best shirts.. all sucks and lame! i need a hood like both of that shirt. It awesome. Well it get more amaze if they put Jacob Black image on the shirt. Oh la la.. urr.. i cannot find it anywhere. Well i will put it and design it someday. Hehe..Then put it in my facebook album or here, indeed! YES:)

That is all for today. Yaii, tomorrow is the 1st november 2009 and yups there are so much thing to do and achieve and of course NEW MOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!

So toodle and see you with a new post on November.


♥just smile
4:05 PM

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Firstly i just wanna say i am glad and happy that all my friends in facebook and in my blog got a positive response about my birthday haha..You guys never stop to say Happy birthday to me :) well i am enjoy with everything.And of course i am really thank to all of you.Ok last night before my birthday i am not doing anything but just with iPOD on my ears and hear all Marcell sad songs.Well i like Marcell's songs and his touchy lyrics.More about dissapointed, angry and love.Hah! I mean it is about our whole life to think about.I don't know what is it but whenever i hear the songs it make me fell in love and remember someone important.You know a person who i love before.He is so happy now.Well, life has must to go on like a Celine Dion song that in Titanic movie.How Jack and Rose are protect their love or even wrong about Romeo and Juliet.I am not going to sacrifice and suicide with my love one even i was neared Him! Mmmp..Lol that is totally stupid.I really damn in love with Romeo but i make a decision not to kill and poison myself.Well Romeo though i die and then he killed himself but not make in time when i woke up like a sleeping beauty.Haha :D ridiculous eh! i was read our conversation that i printed in my msn.Haha.He does not even know what i am doing.Crazy girl but i was more relieve then even not living any memories behind.I can read whenever i want and wherever i was.So it is cool for me. I read this while i was freezing and my ipod.Then i sing along with sadness around my face and how i can feel he really near me.MotherFu88kerr! Why am i love him? He make me crazy.You know that boy are damn good.He is so gentle, kind, romantic and so on lalalala..Hehe i hoped no one read this.So shame.Why am i that loser to write this kind of thing?.Isn't it too exposed or totally shame! haha..Ugg! Just leave it out!
Oh ok what else? i am finished doing my Natural disaster composition last night before my birthday.
I am also bought 2 new dvds title 'The Proposal' Haha this movie are so funny.I was laughed, cried and touched! A very good romantic comedy.Then 'An ugly truth' Bored! I dunno ah.I bought it and i thought it was good.Well i dunno i will watch this again.I just want to know whether it good or not. Bla..bla..bla..
Ok..i think that it maybe.My mind is still stuck with a poison limitation full of entertainment and that guy...Haiyaa!

'Hurt is my worst-enemy! Never want to be near with Hurt! It sucks and lame!'
Haha not even single! Entah eh!

So i think that from now and see you :)


♥just smile
11:02 AM

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Graphics and eCards @ Cute-Spot.com

I cannot believe this..I opened my facebook and there is a lot of birthday wishes and i am really bliss! I am not expect this..Thank you! Thank you! or maybe you are not get what i mean well some more of thanks, ka-sa-ham-nida, Ariigato Gozaimas, Muchos Gracias, bedankt, Danke
paldies, selamat and our local Terima Kasih :)! Hehehe..well i got this from language tools..Lol!
With a massage: Thank you for remembering me and my birthday! :)
And this is the names who gave me a birthday greets..you are so lucky!!!

! Nava Hone- Next time send me Robert Pattinson to me..haha
! Yumi Maiyuki a.k.a c umi belabih! hehe
! Ashraf Ahmad- Thank you ahh:D
! Icha Hamizah Hamid- Thank you chaaa..hope to see u soon :)
! Rahimah Ahmad- Thank you kaa..and happy advance birthday to u too..
! Muhd Ruzaini- Well, it is good to have a birthday wishes from you :)
! Insyirah Adi- Syirah lol..i cannot be that presiden..maybe the next generation kali..apakan..hehe
! Hairol Anuar- Thank you..:) have a nice day
! Azimah Zaili- Hehe..kaka adeq..happy belated birthday..sorry masatu inda bagi birthday wishes but it is in here now..:)
! Dnyy Missli- Thank you dnny :)
! Nurzuriani Sani- Eseh...thanks my bestiee boo..
! Afiqah Fecca Julaihi- To fiqah you're the BOOM! of the kind..Love you.
! Pyqah Baharuddin- Thanks korean lover..ingat G-Dragon i automatically remember you!
! Insp Hanny Faisal- Thanks..your in my cbox right? ehe..cool :)
! Zie Khai- Zie loooove you..and our best memories ever in the bus!
! Md Raimi Rahman- Thank you~
! Muhd Masmarzuki- Yes you are my childhood friend yg kuat naughty nya but now you are totally change.. :)Thank you..
! Kyrul Har- I love Baby Shazaaaaa!..
! Nana Mat Daud- Thanks Na..we have the same interest.Remember that ahh..:D
! Muqri Mazleajizul- Aii..Muqri ehehe..Muqri be good boy ah and thank you so much..love u muqri~
! ZulErah Mw- Thanks to abg ejul and kaka erah..You guys are the best among the very best family..Muahhh~
! Emelya Yuzri- Mel..sing me a birthday songs:p and thank you charm..:D
! Haji Mohd Noor Adam- Thank you or selamat :)
! Qayy Wee- Thanks..Thanks..Thanks..
! Feezee HafizarZirahhab-Thank you so much Atul :)
! Izzah Haziqah- Hi Izz dgr dah lagu ignorance nya? and Thank you :)
! Muhammad Rizee Jeffry- Thank you..:)
! Amimah A. M. Ali- Thank you so much..
! Fifah Junaidi- Danke :)
! نور ايزه فيز- Hi couzy..thank you for the birthday wishes..:)
! Nadhirah Rafidi- Nadz..i still love your blog and thank you...
! Alan Sofian- Mmmp..haha..very unpredictable..and thanks..
! Nazerul Fadly- Thank you :)
! Niza Sani- Thanks kaka Niza..hope to see u soon :)
! Suhirah H.R- Thank you kaka sue and abg aslan with the kids..i love you guys..Best!
! Dwi Opi Novianti- Terima kaseh yaa :P
! Rathybah Tawang- canatah 'my girl'? and thank you kaka..:)
! Ibnu Yamin- Thanks for being my friend..
! Qeelah Akbar- huhu..Thank you...
! Yati H.R- To kaka long with the family..Thank you ahh for everything..
! Amal Hayati Jo- Amal..thank you and pray me succeed :)
! Mas Zuraidah- To kaka Epeh..Thank yoooou~ I can't wait for the baby (^_^)
! Myzaah MTV- Thanks Love..eseh~ eheheh
! Umi Hamdan- My c lating umi..you are my bestie ever and will ever be the one for you babe:)
! Wanie Suhaimi- Thank you~ :)
! Batrisyia Adi -Thanks cha..always be beautiful yaa :)
! Alyaa Wadhihah Azaland - Thank you my sister Alyaa..muaxx :)
! Fee Grim- Thanks for remembering my bufday ah..u are the best :)
All the people in my facebook! Thank you for a million time..I am so pleased to read all the greets
And also from my best best best Twilight friends..You're the greatest :D Love you...

Happy Birthday Graphics and eCards @ Cute-Spot.com

Oh mama mia! i am just so much excited when it come like this..My english sucks! hehe..sorry. I don't know there is a lot of them who gave me the birthday wishes.. I manage to do this to all of you..a million thanks :)

(And this graffiti is done by Batrisyia Adi..Thanks..It's a nice graffiti)

I guess that is the end :D
I am 19 and i am just saying that i try to be HAPPY :D


♥just smile
3:55 PM

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I took this from Eclipse site:)

This is the best ever posters that i ever seen. This is very creative and i never think about this posters before.One of the poster actually it moving and it called 'NM 3-D poster'..You can go to the original website that show you how it move [here] I am sure you all gonna love it.This posters are not an ordinary posters.It is beautiful and sure it sexy! Sexy 2009..haha..jokes^^
As you can see i mostly took Jacob Black posters on it.Haha..I AM TEAM JACOB BLACK.It is never Edward Cullen even though Edward kinda like prince whatever charming.All the girls crazy about damn Edward Cullen..why? is he romantic or sure we all want Edward Cullen are really exist! Pheww..i am really sure that because i want Jacob Black are exist!! He is SEXY! SEX-symbol of his pack! and i am crazy about the wolves now! Gah...

Peace. Love. Twilight.
Oh yaa my favourite graphics in New Moon.Damn, how good it is.Haha..I wonder i can do this..I can graphics it by myself.So unique and i am fan of this sure.New Moon Rox! here you can see my most favourite graphics..
New Moon Graphics @ Cute-Spot.com

New Moon Graphics @ Cute-Spot.com

New Moon Graphics @ Cute-Spot.com

New Moon Graphics @ Cute-Spot.com

What do you think? It awesome isn't it? Beyond anything that i am imagine.Phew..it is so damn beautiful.Especially all my New Moon Goodie goodie Jacob Black love.A note for Jacob 'You don't get Bella why not you get me my sexy Jacob' Duh, am i flirting him! Not so good! ehehe..:)

New Moon Graphics @ Cute-Spot.com

Lastly, no more objection and change mind.I love JACOB BLACK!!
'My precious lover warewolves'


♥just smile
10:12 AM

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Do you who she is? well first time i saw her of course i really did not know who she is, until i saw her in my dad photographer magazine then i started interest at her so much.She is a talented a beyond words.I am frank that i am not really a good photographer and i am not interest with anything that relate with photograph, camera, view, light etc, etc..Gah! it's taking on my nerves..It keep bothering me when some of my friends interest with photographer.You know when they bring they camera around them with full of battery, lens, bla-bla-bla..It is annoy me, indeed! haha..sorry if they someone sensitive about it but it is a true fact.It is a hobby that someone like and me? seriously i am interest with ART.You know bring my set of painting around..It is also bother you right.And my niece asking me a lot and ask 'what are you doing? what are you bringing? what colour do you used? what are you going to draw? or can i draw with you?' SCREEEAAMM! hell, i hatre it.Do not disturb me while i am paint something ok! Oh ya back with Miss Aniela.If you knew her you will fascinate by all her work.He is very, very imaginative and creative.God, what a brain! She is beautiful also.I like her when she used the pictures that relate with our day-life.It is a good thing and i am understand of how she want to deliver her work and the images..Damn!! You know i am wonder i want to draw one of her images and compare with painting and pictures.Mmmm..good idea.I DO! i will draw about it! yeah aha aha..it is a good thing!
All right i don't have the original images that i want to share here..but you just simply go to her website and look at her sexy muchy images..It's awoken you how great photographer she is :)

Pheww how hard i am to have this picture.Haha glad!! She is got a beautiful images and of course her original pictures we cannot took it just like that.We have a permission from her and i dunno how..haha..whatever.What i know she is a wonder girl ehe:)

mmmm...My KIMI RAIKKONEN is in position 5! yeah! and seriously Lewis Hamilton in postion 17..what! all right..everyone did they best! yaiii!


♥just smile
10:22 AM

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Oh noo 'Robert Pattinson came to Brunei' a.k.a my country. I still can't believe this.I am sorry if i am rewrite or post it hehe.Well i don't care about that.I just want to share to all my readers how excited i am.You know my own calebrity came to my country.Like is it true? haha..but the sad thing is i'm not seen him or had his autograph or saying OMG! in front of his confuse expression.And saying 'They going nutz'..hehe..All right I knew about this yesterday night from my friend, Nadhirah Rafidi! Thanks Nadz..The stories are like this.Nadz told me about this through my cbox then i opened her blog.I saw this familiar picture and it Robert Pattinson in Brunei! Waaalaa..surprise! i'm just screaming non stop! i told my dad about it and he said ' i came to see HIM that time' what a joke..My dad is always like that..Haha.. Phewww..i can't breath with this kind of thing.I could feel how excruciating it is!!Die!
W-O-W! am i dreaming??? am i?? tell me now!! hehehe:D
++I can't believe Rphatzz are in Brunei already! I can feel it how near he is :)++
Oh yaa thanks to Audrey too. Thank you very much.I am enjoyed reading your blog girl! hehe..Then in anywhere our publicity are going to be increased! Brunei are in! It's a special country!

what are you looking at Rob?

You know, maybe in the future we will get to meet other cast from Twilight.Like Kristen Stewart, Ashley Greene, Kellan Lutz, Nikki Reed, Jackson Rathbone and TAYLOR LAUTNER! Screeeeam! Screaaam! Screaaam! until you die and faint! ( Crazy!) or Jared Padalecki from Supernatural and David Archuleta..My bestfriend, Wawa die for this.Hahahaha..i die too seriously!!!

This is my 6-pack sexy warewolves dirty boys!!
Taylor Lautner my Jacob Black!

My Jared Padalecki in my dream!

...++ So that's all from me now..Until see you all again! Thank yu to all my friend especially Nadz..Than you very much!!!! Muchos Gracias! We shared a lot of same interest.That good! :)



♥just smile
11:17 AM

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I have the time to update my blog..Haha..i miss my blog even i am not update that much..But now probably yes..I will share a lot of stories for my blog today..I got plenty..Don't worry to all my readers..This is juat a simple daylife of myself.Well if you read you will know, obviously.

I watch 'All the boys LOVE Mandy Lane'. Seriously i could not believe this.I watch this at Starmovies at 10pm with my dad and i'm not even undersatnd everything with this stories.However, i tried and it's ok.It's just like oooK! Haha..and the serious cast by a talented h, beautiful girl name Amber Heard.She's become Mandy lane.Gah, she's beautiful at this movie..And good news one of this guy name Emmet..I dunno who's the hell is the killer was until i saw his name at the end.Apparently he is MICHAEL WELCH from Twilight! I am just like WHAT? michael welch like i know this name..and then i searched twilight magazine about him.Then it's true it is Michael welch..Haha..i am not realized that was him.What a small world and he's good.He is a phycopath killer! Wuuu..i am scared! hehehe:D

All the boys love Mandy Lane
Amber Heard(Zombieland) and Michael Welch(New Moon)

Then, i have my class in this month.I took my English subject.Pheww, i'm totally busy.Well i kinda miss my school and tuition and all my TEACHERS..they're awesome! I guess if i want to refreshing their mind with me urr.. i dunno if they still remember me lah.Hah.That's shame.I got my homework to finish.Aaarriba i love HOMEWORK.Study! Study! Study! it's fun even my brain kinda weak with it but i am enjoyed it.I learned a lot of NEW things.That is the best part of having a study with a new things..


For all WEEKS i have my JOGGING.Hehe..i'm just doing this for health not for anything.^^.It's good to do something like this.It is good for my brain and my heart! It is something GOOD!
jogging Pictures, Images and Photos

And yaa i am officially a member of goodreads already.I LOVE BOOKS! that's why i want to become one of this part..Well there is so many books at there.I want to read all the mammoth series..The mammoth of ops romance, The mammoth of vampire romance..and and lots more! So be a member if you like it as me:D

[Click this banner]

new  moon Pictures, Images and Photos
And lastly is my NEW MOON update..
1. It is going to play on 20th November 2009
2. The final run time of The Twilight Saga: New Moon is 2 hours and ten minutes!
3. I am Team JACOB BLACK!

I guess this is for today and see you,


♥just smile
11:14 AM

Friday, October 9, 2009

Kristen Stewart Robert PattinsonKristen Stewart Robert Pattinson

Hehe..i just want to put Bella and Edward in here..damn they look good together i mean Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart..i got this from Twilight addict blog..sorry guys..i like this picture..i hope you don't mind..Actually i want to write about my day.Instead of that i change it with this Bella and Edward pictures..Damn! You love it? ahaha..i love this so much! look at it..MamaMia!! Hahaha..:P

This make by a photoshop..Damn..they look good together with
matching up the CALVIN KLEIN jean!

This pictures and the other mostly i took this from [here]

Awww..romantic, lovely and in love couples..they match!

Anti Jacob HateAnti Jacob Hate

Until, once again..I'm obsessed to it..and i love to update about it!



♥just smile
12:05 PM

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Well, i need a rest from my session break..so i got a lot of stories to share..well once of them is about my Raya days..Even though my Raya are not that exciting days of my life, yet.However i still enjoy it all the time.Bless me!So this are a little bit pictures that i got from my siblings and bro-in-law..


This is me without any smiling..In myself i said 'Lol i'm not ready'haha..

3 united kids born to be a NINJA..So cute!

I don't like this part and a loud thing..Main BADIL Joy and ecstatic!

Eventually, this beautiful ladies ARISYA and WADIHAH!

P.s : Ka sa ham nii da to all my days! especially all my families..I got a lot of fun..So much! and i hope my next RaYA going to be more exciting..because im 20 and i'm look young! :D And during my raya i mean 'open house' my friend, AZARIAH came to surprise me..Adakah..it's so funny but over all i'm really bliss..i hope my other friends come to see me, too...:D



♥just smile
4:20 PM