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Confession of Atykah Aura
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Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Firstly i just wanna say i am glad and happy that all my friends in facebook and in my blog got a positive response about my birthday haha..You guys never stop to say Happy birthday to me :) well i am enjoy with everything.And of course i am really thank to all of you.Ok last night before my birthday i am not doing anything but just with iPOD on my ears and hear all Marcell sad songs.Well i like Marcell's songs and his touchy lyrics.More about dissapointed, angry and love.Hah! I mean it is about our whole life to think about.I don't know what is it but whenever i hear the songs it make me fell in love and remember someone important.You know a person who i love before.He is so happy now.Well, life has must to go on like a Celine Dion song that in Titanic movie.How Jack and Rose are protect their love or even wrong about Romeo and Juliet.I am not going to sacrifice and suicide with my love one even i was neared Him! Mmmp..Lol that is totally stupid.I really damn in love with Romeo but i make a decision not to kill and poison myself.Well Romeo though i die and then he killed himself but not make in time when i woke up like a sleeping beauty.Haha :D ridiculous eh! i was read our conversation that i printed in my msn.Haha.He does not even know what i am doing.Crazy girl but i was more relieve then even not living any memories behind.I can read whenever i want and wherever i was.So it is cool for me. I read this while i was freezing and my ipod.Then i sing along with sadness around my face and how i can feel he really near me.MotherFu88kerr! Why am i love him? He make me crazy.You know that boy are damn good.He is so gentle, kind, romantic and so on lalalala..Hehe i hoped no one read this.So shame.Why am i that loser to write this kind of thing?.Isn't it too exposed or totally shame! haha..Ugg! Just leave it out!
Oh ok what else? i am finished doing my Natural disaster composition last night before my birthday.
I am also bought 2 new dvds title 'The Proposal' Haha this movie are so funny.I was laughed, cried and touched! A very good romantic comedy.Then 'An ugly truth' Bored! I dunno ah.I bought it and i thought it was good.Well i dunno i will watch this again.I just want to know whether it good or not. Bla..bla..bla..
Ok..i think that it maybe.My mind is still stuck with a poison limitation full of entertainment and that guy...Haiyaa!

'Hurt is my worst-enemy! Never want to be near with Hurt! It sucks and lame!'
Haha not even single! Entah eh!

So i think that from now and see you :)


♥just smile
11:02 AM