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Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Do you who she is? well first time i saw her of course i really did not know who she is, until i saw her in my dad photographer magazine then i started interest at her so much.She is a talented a beyond words.I am frank that i am not really a good photographer and i am not interest with anything that relate with photograph, camera, view, light etc, etc..Gah! it's taking on my nerves..It keep bothering me when some of my friends interest with photographer.You know when they bring they camera around them with full of battery, lens, bla-bla-bla..It is annoy me, indeed! haha..sorry if they someone sensitive about it but it is a true fact.It is a hobby that someone like and me? seriously i am interest with ART.You know bring my set of painting around..It is also bother you right.And my niece asking me a lot and ask 'what are you doing? what are you bringing? what colour do you used? what are you going to draw? or can i draw with you?' SCREEEAAMM! hell, i hatre it.Do not disturb me while i am paint something ok! Oh ya back with Miss Aniela.If you knew her you will fascinate by all her work.He is very, very imaginative and creative.God, what a brain! She is beautiful also.I like her when she used the pictures that relate with our day-life.It is a good thing and i am understand of how she want to deliver her work and the images..Damn!! You know i am wonder i want to draw one of her images and compare with painting and pictures.Mmmm..good idea.I DO! i will draw about it! yeah aha aha..it is a good thing!
All right i don't have the original images that i want to share here..but you just simply go to her website and look at her sexy muchy images..It's awoken you how great photographer she is :)

Pheww how hard i am to have this picture.Haha glad!! She is got a beautiful images and of course her original pictures we cannot took it just like that.We have a permission from her and i dunno how..haha..whatever.What i know she is a wonder girl ehe:)

mmmm...My KIMI RAIKKONEN is in position 5! yeah! and seriously Lewis Hamilton in postion 17..what! all right..everyone did they best! yaiii!


♥just smile
10:22 AM