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Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I took this from Eclipse site:)

This is the best ever posters that i ever seen. This is very creative and i never think about this posters before.One of the poster actually it moving and it called 'NM 3-D poster'..You can go to the original website that show you how it move [here] I am sure you all gonna love it.This posters are not an ordinary posters.It is beautiful and sure it sexy! Sexy 2009..haha..jokes^^
As you can see i mostly took Jacob Black posters on it.Haha..I AM TEAM JACOB BLACK.It is never Edward Cullen even though Edward kinda like prince whatever charming.All the girls crazy about damn Edward Cullen..why? is he romantic or sure we all want Edward Cullen are really exist! Pheww..i am really sure that because i want Jacob Black are exist!! He is SEXY! SEX-symbol of his pack! and i am crazy about the wolves now! Gah...

Peace. Love. Twilight.
Oh yaa my favourite graphics in New Moon.Damn, how good it is.Haha..I wonder i can do this..I can graphics it by myself.So unique and i am fan of this sure.New Moon Rox! here you can see my most favourite graphics..
New Moon Graphics @ Cute-Spot.com

New Moon Graphics @ Cute-Spot.com

New Moon Graphics @ Cute-Spot.com

New Moon Graphics @ Cute-Spot.com

What do you think? It awesome isn't it? Beyond anything that i am imagine.Phew..it is so damn beautiful.Especially all my New Moon Goodie goodie Jacob Black love.A note for Jacob 'You don't get Bella why not you get me my sexy Jacob' Duh, am i flirting him! Not so good! ehehe..:)

New Moon Graphics @ Cute-Spot.com

Lastly, no more objection and change mind.I love JACOB BLACK!!
'My precious lover warewolves'


♥just smile
10:12 AM