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Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Saturday, October 31, 2009

You know how desperate i am to have the shirt.Gah..well what i know to make a t-shirt is not that difficult. I can do that actually. By my own hands and skill.I learn printing and so on but yaa how can i afford to buy the machine, colours, bla bla bla.. hehe.. i wish i have them all. haha sucks me.. all right maybe this is what i want during my birthday. hehe..well i am not poor enough to have this kind of shirt but that what i really want. I want all the people to know that i am a biggest fan of warewolves. Hahaha.. i do not care anything.. so check this out. My favourite new moon shirt. I can used this during cold time. Well maybe during my sleep because at night i sleep with air conditioner..and i can dream with it. :)

Both of them are awesome!

Which one is your favourite? well both of them your moron! Gah! i like JACOB BLACK so much. He is my wolves and my own blood. We will never gone beside each other. Jake marry me! Lol! I got this from [HERE] so do check it more. I do not know how to buy it from there. I live in Brunei so it is not sold from Asia lah.. I have check ebay already but none of them are the best shirts.. all sucks and lame! i need a hood like both of that shirt. It awesome. Well it get more amaze if they put Jacob Black image on the shirt. Oh la la.. urr.. i cannot find it anywhere. Well i will put it and design it someday. Hehe..Then put it in my facebook album or here, indeed! YES:)

That is all for today. Yaii, tomorrow is the 1st november 2009 and yups there are so much thing to do and achieve and of course NEW MOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!

So toodle and see you with a new post on November.


♥just smile
4:05 PM