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Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I have the time to update my blog..Haha..i miss my blog even i am not update that much..But now probably yes..I will share a lot of stories for my blog today..I got plenty..Don't worry to all my readers..This is juat a simple daylife of myself.Well if you read you will know, obviously.

I watch 'All the boys LOVE Mandy Lane'. Seriously i could not believe this.I watch this at Starmovies at 10pm with my dad and i'm not even undersatnd everything with this stories.However, i tried and it's ok.It's just like oooK! Haha..and the serious cast by a talented h, beautiful girl name Amber Heard.She's become Mandy lane.Gah, she's beautiful at this movie..And good news one of this guy name Emmet..I dunno who's the hell is the killer was until i saw his name at the end.Apparently he is MICHAEL WELCH from Twilight! I am just like WHAT? michael welch like i know this name..and then i searched twilight magazine about him.Then it's true it is Michael welch..Haha..i am not realized that was him.What a small world and he's good.He is a phycopath killer! Wuuu..i am scared! hehehe:D

All the boys love Mandy Lane
Amber Heard(Zombieland) and Michael Welch(New Moon)

Then, i have my class in this month.I took my English subject.Pheww, i'm totally busy.Well i kinda miss my school and tuition and all my TEACHERS..they're awesome! I guess if i want to refreshing their mind with me urr.. i dunno if they still remember me lah.Hah.That's shame.I got my homework to finish.Aaarriba i love HOMEWORK.Study! Study! Study! it's fun even my brain kinda weak with it but i am enjoyed it.I learned a lot of NEW things.That is the best part of having a study with a new things..


For all WEEKS i have my JOGGING.Hehe..i'm just doing this for health not for anything.^^.It's good to do something like this.It is good for my brain and my heart! It is something GOOD!
jogging Pictures, Images and Photos

And yaa i am officially a member of goodreads already.I LOVE BOOKS! that's why i want to become one of this part..Well there is so many books at there.I want to read all the mammoth series..The mammoth of ops romance, The mammoth of vampire romance..and and lots more! So be a member if you like it as me:D

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new  moon Pictures, Images and Photos
And lastly is my NEW MOON update..
1. It is going to play on 20th November 2009
2. The final run time of The Twilight Saga: New Moon is 2 hours and ten minutes!
3. I am Team JACOB BLACK!

I guess this is for today and see you,


♥just smile
11:14 AM