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Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Graphics and eCards @ Cute-Spot.com

I cannot believe this..I opened my facebook and there is a lot of birthday wishes and i am really bliss! I am not expect this..Thank you! Thank you! or maybe you are not get what i mean well some more of thanks, ka-sa-ham-nida, Ariigato Gozaimas, Muchos Gracias, bedankt, Danke
paldies, selamat and our local Terima Kasih :)! Hehehe..well i got this from language tools..Lol!
With a massage: Thank you for remembering me and my birthday! :)
And this is the names who gave me a birthday greets..you are so lucky!!!

! Nava Hone- Next time send me Robert Pattinson to me..haha
! Yumi Maiyuki a.k.a c umi belabih! hehe
! Ashraf Ahmad- Thank you ahh:D
! Icha Hamizah Hamid- Thank you chaaa..hope to see u soon :)
! Rahimah Ahmad- Thank you kaa..and happy advance birthday to u too..
! Muhd Ruzaini- Well, it is good to have a birthday wishes from you :)
! Insyirah Adi- Syirah lol..i cannot be that presiden..maybe the next generation kali..apakan..hehe
! Hairol Anuar- Thank you..:) have a nice day
! Azimah Zaili- Hehe..kaka adeq..happy belated birthday..sorry masatu inda bagi birthday wishes but it is in here now..:)
! Dnyy Missli- Thank you dnny :)
! Nurzuriani Sani- Eseh...thanks my bestiee boo..
! Afiqah Fecca Julaihi- To fiqah you're the BOOM! of the kind..Love you.
! Pyqah Baharuddin- Thanks korean lover..ingat G-Dragon i automatically remember you!
! Insp Hanny Faisal- Thanks..your in my cbox right? ehe..cool :)
! Zie Khai- Zie loooove you..and our best memories ever in the bus!
! Md Raimi Rahman- Thank you~
! Muhd Masmarzuki- Yes you are my childhood friend yg kuat naughty nya but now you are totally change.. :)Thank you..
! Kyrul Har- I love Baby Shazaaaaa!..
! Nana Mat Daud- Thanks Na..we have the same interest.Remember that ahh..:D
! Muqri Mazleajizul- Aii..Muqri ehehe..Muqri be good boy ah and thank you so much..love u muqri~
! ZulErah Mw- Thanks to abg ejul and kaka erah..You guys are the best among the very best family..Muahhh~
! Emelya Yuzri- Mel..sing me a birthday songs:p and thank you charm..:D
! Haji Mohd Noor Adam- Thank you or selamat :)
! Qayy Wee- Thanks..Thanks..Thanks..
! Feezee HafizarZirahhab-Thank you so much Atul :)
! Izzah Haziqah- Hi Izz dgr dah lagu ignorance nya? and Thank you :)
! Muhammad Rizee Jeffry- Thank you..:)
! Amimah A. M. Ali- Thank you so much..
! Fifah Junaidi- Danke :)
! نور ايزه فيز- Hi couzy..thank you for the birthday wishes..:)
! Nadhirah Rafidi- Nadz..i still love your blog and thank you...
! Alan Sofian- Mmmp..haha..very unpredictable..and thanks..
! Nazerul Fadly- Thank you :)
! Niza Sani- Thanks kaka Niza..hope to see u soon :)
! Suhirah H.R- Thank you kaka sue and abg aslan with the kids..i love you guys..Best!
! Dwi Opi Novianti- Terima kaseh yaa :P
! Rathybah Tawang- canatah 'my girl'? and thank you kaka..:)
! Ibnu Yamin- Thanks for being my friend..
! Qeelah Akbar- huhu..Thank you...
! Yati H.R- To kaka long with the family..Thank you ahh for everything..
! Amal Hayati Jo- Amal..thank you and pray me succeed :)
! Mas Zuraidah- To kaka Epeh..Thank yoooou~ I can't wait for the baby (^_^)
! Myzaah MTV- Thanks Love..eseh~ eheheh
! Umi Hamdan- My c lating umi..you are my bestie ever and will ever be the one for you babe:)
! Wanie Suhaimi- Thank you~ :)
! Batrisyia Adi -Thanks cha..always be beautiful yaa :)
! Alyaa Wadhihah Azaland - Thank you my sister Alyaa..muaxx :)
! Fee Grim- Thanks for remembering my bufday ah..u are the best :)
All the people in my facebook! Thank you for a million time..I am so pleased to read all the greets
And also from my best best best Twilight friends..You're the greatest :D Love you...

Happy Birthday Graphics and eCards @ Cute-Spot.com

Oh mama mia! i am just so much excited when it come like this..My english sucks! hehe..sorry. I don't know there is a lot of them who gave me the birthday wishes.. I manage to do this to all of you..a million thanks :)

(And this graffiti is done by Batrisyia Adi..Thanks..It's a nice graffiti)

I guess that is the end :D
I am 19 and i am just saying that i try to be HAPPY :D


♥just smile
3:55 PM