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Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hahaha.. I know i am not Team Taylor Lautner. Lol! i'm crazy about all bunch of team Taylor or team Robert and Team Edward or Jacob. However it's fun to have which TEAM are you? because i can defence my own Team. I know people hate Jacob Black but i don't hate Edward Cullen. The reason i picked Jacob instead of Edward because JACOB IS A GOOD FRIEND. Heh' how many times i tell you this? you do not hate Jacob. You like Edward because he was a vampire and he is attractive, funny, fun, romantic, caring bla..bla..bla..Damn he is perfect! but then you hate Jacob because he was a warewolves (like i care about it, Edward still a monster though!), he is bad-tempered with this vampire stuff and easily angry with all vampire thing( Ah-gain!) Then what else he is...? Naaah! He is also a perfect wolf that i ever known! He is my best character! i wish he is exist and be with me forever. I would like to hug him and i don't care about his hot temperature. I like to be part of him! he is not the only bad creature that i know. Edward can be a bad creature if he want to but he do not want it! i know! hehehe :D what i am trying to say is 'hey Jacob can turn himself to be more a kindest and lovable creature or human'
So yaaa think about that. Hehehe.. So i guess i know anyone who says that Jacob is a bad wolves well i am saying that he is not :)




♥just smile
8:17 PM

Friday, November 27, 2009

Yaaai jump with victory. I never felt like this before. It is just like being accepted a scholarship or something. Hehe..not that i have a scholarship. Lol! but i have past my license. Now i can go anywhere i can with my parents supervision concern. I new on the road. What a revolutionary! I mean i got a lot of thing to go. Well sometime i am coward to drive by ownself with a car that using manual than auto. So maybe i stick with auto. No matter where i go. However i need to work hard to learn more about manual even though i knew how. All right i am ok now and i still need to concentrate my english IELTS exam which is near on January 2010. Phew do you know that i really want to pass my english next year. I know i want to but ya i have to work hard. What a common thing in my life. I just want that english! Gosh!

Ok i don't want to stress myself with my other important exam. Oh ya i remember this afternoon. I watch (500) days of summer. Haha..what a funny romantic comedy. I love it. Three and the half stars. It is about a boy love girl but this girl just consider the boy as a friend. On the other side, the girl seem to like fun with him. You know holding hand together, kissing, have a shower sex(hehe) and share the moment of their daily stories and problem. This is ended up with 500 days with the girl name Summer. And the guy. Well he is not a baby boy that need to worry about. He is a man with a feeling Summer. You cannot used him on the other around. That naive and juvinile. Boh ok i have to stop that. Hehe..

I guess what is a love called? Love is blind

All right,
See you all again *hug*


♥just smile
7:54 PM

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Hehe.. i am absolutely 100% bored! so i am just randomly doing and changing my blog skins. I know it hideous and it is just a simple blog with no anything in it. I just want to share my stories to other people who want to read my blog. I just going to say that i don't have any idea what to write for this mean time. Oh ya i finished my TEST hehe.. I was really anxious and nervous in addition i was useless damn person. Haha.. i am totally lost and i could not think any single things! That is why i am just hang on! However, i already do my Best and i will just pray that i success with the result and i know i can do it. So i guess this is it for now hehe.. i am using my sister's Mac.. but yaa i just want to share that I CHANGE :)

See you with my NEW MOON flawless MOVIE. Oh gosh! i can't wait even though i am not watching the premiere. You know it's good to watch in the cinema without no people around. Haha.. i am just waiting the end of the day :) i still love it and i can wait, of course! :D


♥just smile
4:16 PM

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Urr.. i really need to update my blog haha.. it mess and less of stories to share with all of you. Ok ermm..first of all is about how depressed and stressful i am about my achievement. It is just like i could not believe myself. Ya-ah. It some kind like a burden for me. I still could not believe my own ability what can i do or what my weaknesses is. So i need a break cool jaguzy time. Lol! No i mean i just need to forget what thing that inside my head right now. Ok tomorrow is my big day because i got a very important driving test.. Rrr..should i not mention this yet until i pass the test. Huh. ok i sigh again! I dunno i still cannot think that i can do it or i can't do it. Either this way it is just a hard thing to do! i am very a confusing person. I always afraid with something that cannot come out yet. Like ok i already think what happened for my next future and i am always think negative. I mean this is not what i want or demands. Is not? It just come out on my mind just instantly. I do not want it or think about it. Oh gosh! this is lame! i am NERVOUS! and my heart still jumbling. I feel i am in heart attack. Nauzubillah! Can you give a relief so that i can believe my ownself? please! i do not like this very much! say to me ' Break a leg' or just a common words 'Good luck!' hehe :D

ok la i don't want to say something else but this. Hehe.. So see you again... Maybe when i watch new moon hehehe.. i can't wait with New Moon! Team Jacob Black!


♥just smile
6:38 PM

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I am doing my Robert Pattinson update news just now. Wow..it is such been a long time i am not checked anything about his news. The new news i read about him at Paris with Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner. They are cute! and i just read that Rphatz holding hands with Kstew. Oohh. they're cute and i still don't know their relationship. I dunno if they are together or not. However, i would like to say just be Together, together lol! hahaha :P ok actually i don't update about my Rphatzz latest news actually. 

I just want to relieve myself not to think a lot! Urgg, do u know how headache i am when i get to many pressure to think of my future. This is my own false and i know what i do wrong. I think about a lot of stuff like my English where i have to practise and read a lot of fact and write in fact! example Natural disaster, economy, country or the short one FACT! hehe.. i am not good with fact. So you know what i am good at. You know i read this sex sign book. It say a woman who born in OCTOBER with Libra sign on it. I am artistic, sensitive, cool and polite! Well sometime it relate with me! how genius the autor pychologist knew that. She can read our mind! It's unbelievable! so i kinda more into entertainment and art, music and fiction imaginary thing. I am also love guitar and piano even though i dunno how to use it! Hahaha..lol that funny! ok..back to my pressure days.. Then i have to practise my ART in A level standard. I take A level in private for the first time ans still i got a lot of weaknesses! So i need to be more advance and well-thinking about my art stuff! It obvious the A level standard more challenging  then i have my art in O'level. I hope i can have my A level art so i can proceed to have a dream that i not ever dreamt before. Hahaha..like what? Scholarship in Art! wow..that a big future! need a well-support with it!...i hope i can do that. And i need to study my Malay with mom hehe.. and my English in O level standart! Gah.. i shared this with my readers. I knew my grammar are sucks! haha.. not good in writing but i can learn it with more practise. :) All right this is just what i want to write because i am in a limit time.. so i guess i am not finish my assignment, yet about Singapore and economy! Heh' i am always trouble with introduction...

So until see you again.. 
smile :)

♥just smile
10:56 AM

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Breathing is the word that i need it right now. Recently, i am not in a very good condition since i still thinking about my future in front. What do i need in this world? seriously i told you this before i cannot wait a new year event. This is why we need change and twist our life into a good thing. It is simple and undifficult..Ok i just want to share about my sucks day without anything like a handphone. Why in this world like a teenagers have a mobile phone? are you guys not have any problem with buying the credit then do that, do this? i am seriously that i do not have a handphone. Hehe..my dad is wait when you got your own money and jobs..bla..bla..bla.. I am jobless right now..Well technically i have my applying job in everwhere but no answers.. I am not suit enough haha..In a mean time i have to attent my pri-va-ca-te school~ i am studying every school holiday and i got a lot to think of. Especially more into economy, then fact essay. Heh' well i like to learn something new and big and need to use my brain to think it deep.Seriously you will like it especially something we did not think about it before you know. Hehe..Well i do not want to crack my brain to think this for the mean time..Ok change subjects..
Oh i remember that i bought 2 dvds called 'SPECTACULAR and 'BETH COOPER, I LOVE YOU' i love both of this dvds. It comedy,romance with plus plus cute guys hehe.. i crush to Avan jogia actually. He is cute and don't be jealous i got his huge poster.. hek hek.. :P

avan jogia Pictures, Images and Photos
And this is the real him. Can you imagine how perfect he is Heh' i saw him in spectacular movie in my dvds then i was remember that he is the one in my popstar magazine. Hehe.. you know in spectacular the way he talk. He got this indian accent and it freaking cute. :D and i found out that he is born on 1992. Hacks! He's like 20 above for me. Mature Avan!

Today is the end of 'Hot shot'. I am gonna miss this taiwan amazing speechless word basketball..especially JERRY YAN! here it he.. :) wo ai ni jerry! apakan-- random crazy haha..

Jerry Yan Pictures, Images and Photos

Wow such a sexy picture.. Haha never mind then. I can see him like everyday in my BLOG! can you believe this? hehe.... :)

So this is it from me now. Actually i got a lot of stuff to share but i forgot.. hehe..

Bye! bye!


♥just smile
8:43 PM

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Months Of The Year Graphics @ Cute-Spot.com

I have two update to share here. I dunno where to start..ok Screamm It is NOVEMBER already. Wah.. what a worst time enemy. I cannot believe this. Then we already step the next month on december then o la New year. Oh my! It is unbelievable :) i can't wait to aim a lot of new thing and well i get old haha.. I am 20 for next year. Old to have something in life you know. I have to start thinking where should i go and what am i going to do for my l.i.f.e.. Huh'. All right just leave out that thing. Now i want to update about November and New MoooooooN.. Hehehe.. All of you know that New moon will be premiere in 20th November. However in Brunei guess what? I been told by my facebook friend, Nana that she saw at the Mall about New Moon are going to be premiere on 3rd december and Yes even though a little bit far from 20th November but who's care? i don't care because i just want to watch it whenever it showed! This new moon are going to be phenomenon. But i dunno if i really can go. Haha.. since i don't have my license yet. Gah! what are u take it so long? i rehearsel already but no one call me to practise. What? Heh' (shake my damn head. Knock! Knock!).

Page / Profile Graphics @ Cute-Spot.com

Oh yaa my november. I am mostly forgot about this. Urr.. i don't know what will be happened in November actually but yaa i got a lot of thing to do for my future. I have class every Friday and Sunday. Haha.. i'll never stop being a so so student.So i have to WORK HARDER! i need my grade laaaah! This is the most important in my life even i am a little bit LAZY. Hehe.. You know me..Sometime it yes sometime it is No. And it always distract me not to do that. Heh' how was that hah? i need to be what..? consistent? yaaa that is the words. Need to FOCUS! and never think anything besides STUDY!! i got my favourite qoute by Churcill 'NEVER, NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP!' it is simple isn't it? i always think about this quote whenever i felt down. Yups :) hehe..

Page / Profile Graphics @ Cute-Spot.com

Not cool but it is TRUE! :)

Ok stop about that. I want to share about LIVERPOOL versus FULHAM match! Shoot.. i hate it and i really loathes it. What a fuck that match and what happened to the LP best player ah? Heh' -.-' do you know how emotional i got when LP lose 1-3. Addition with 2 red cards!! Oh my that night are really disaster!! That is not good. Hello! That Fulham for mother sake! what on your mind ah? well replace me with LP's couch! I teach them how to be a good players. Dissapointed! T.T and yaa that is good i am not bet for anything. Macam tah aku bet kali..Setaie! hahaha..and good news also. You know CHELSEA? mmm.. good job they Won with 4-0 versun BOLTON.Poor THEM! and DUh! for Chelsea.. hehe :) And the next match for Liverpool will be premiere on 4th November versus LYON! goooood luck LIVERPOOL. i love you!! for the haters gooo away.. :)

Never walk alone. Oh yes i will show you my LIVERPOOL drawing another day all right. Hope to be good because i really work out the bird ah' hehehe :)

Until see you again next time :) Have a good day and have a BLAST! :) smile~

Page / Profile Graphics @ Cute-Spot.com


♥just smile
7:44 PM