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Confession of Atykah Aura
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Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I am doing my Robert Pattinson update news just now. Wow..it is such been a long time i am not checked anything about his news. The new news i read about him at Paris with Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner. They are cute! and i just read that Rphatz holding hands with Kstew. Oohh. they're cute and i still don't know their relationship. I dunno if they are together or not. However, i would like to say just be Together, together lol! hahaha :P ok actually i don't update about my Rphatzz latest news actually. 

I just want to relieve myself not to think a lot! Urgg, do u know how headache i am when i get to many pressure to think of my future. This is my own false and i know what i do wrong. I think about a lot of stuff like my English where i have to practise and read a lot of fact and write in fact! example Natural disaster, economy, country or the short one FACT! hehe.. i am not good with fact. So you know what i am good at. You know i read this sex sign book. It say a woman who born in OCTOBER with Libra sign on it. I am artistic, sensitive, cool and polite! Well sometime it relate with me! how genius the autor pychologist knew that. She can read our mind! It's unbelievable! so i kinda more into entertainment and art, music and fiction imaginary thing. I am also love guitar and piano even though i dunno how to use it! Hahaha..lol that funny! ok..back to my pressure days.. Then i have to practise my ART in A level standard. I take A level in private for the first time ans still i got a lot of weaknesses! So i need to be more advance and well-thinking about my art stuff! It obvious the A level standard more challenging  then i have my art in O'level. I hope i can have my A level art so i can proceed to have a dream that i not ever dreamt before. Hahaha..like what? Scholarship in Art! wow..that a big future! need a well-support with it!...i hope i can do that. And i need to study my Malay with mom hehe.. and my English in O level standart! Gah.. i shared this with my readers. I knew my grammar are sucks! haha.. not good in writing but i can learn it with more practise. :) All right this is just what i want to write because i am in a limit time.. so i guess i am not finish my assignment, yet about Singapore and economy! Heh' i am always trouble with introduction...

So until see you again.. 
smile :)

♥just smile
10:56 AM