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Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Sunday, November 1, 2009

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I have two update to share here. I dunno where to start..ok Screamm It is NOVEMBER already. Wah.. what a worst time enemy. I cannot believe this. Then we already step the next month on december then o la New year. Oh my! It is unbelievable :) i can't wait to aim a lot of new thing and well i get old haha.. I am 20 for next year. Old to have something in life you know. I have to start thinking where should i go and what am i going to do for my l.i.f.e.. Huh'. All right just leave out that thing. Now i want to update about November and New MoooooooN.. Hehehe.. All of you know that New moon will be premiere in 20th November. However in Brunei guess what? I been told by my facebook friend, Nana that she saw at the Mall about New Moon are going to be premiere on 3rd december and Yes even though a little bit far from 20th November but who's care? i don't care because i just want to watch it whenever it showed! This new moon are going to be phenomenon. But i dunno if i really can go. Haha.. since i don't have my license yet. Gah! what are u take it so long? i rehearsel already but no one call me to practise. What? Heh' (shake my damn head. Knock! Knock!).

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Oh yaa my november. I am mostly forgot about this. Urr.. i don't know what will be happened in November actually but yaa i got a lot of thing to do for my future. I have class every Friday and Sunday. Haha.. i'll never stop being a so so student.So i have to WORK HARDER! i need my grade laaaah! This is the most important in my life even i am a little bit LAZY. Hehe.. You know me..Sometime it yes sometime it is No. And it always distract me not to do that. Heh' how was that hah? i need to be what..? consistent? yaaa that is the words. Need to FOCUS! and never think anything besides STUDY!! i got my favourite qoute by Churcill 'NEVER, NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP!' it is simple isn't it? i always think about this quote whenever i felt down. Yups :) hehe..

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Not cool but it is TRUE! :)

Ok stop about that. I want to share about LIVERPOOL versus FULHAM match! Shoot.. i hate it and i really loathes it. What a fuck that match and what happened to the LP best player ah? Heh' -.-' do you know how emotional i got when LP lose 1-3. Addition with 2 red cards!! Oh my that night are really disaster!! That is not good. Hello! That Fulham for mother sake! what on your mind ah? well replace me with LP's couch! I teach them how to be a good players. Dissapointed! T.T and yaa that is good i am not bet for anything. Macam tah aku bet kali..Setaie! hahaha..and good news also. You know CHELSEA? mmm.. good job they Won with 4-0 versun BOLTON.Poor THEM! and DUh! for Chelsea.. hehe :) And the next match for Liverpool will be premiere on 4th November versus LYON! goooood luck LIVERPOOL. i love you!! for the haters gooo away.. :)

Never walk alone. Oh yes i will show you my LIVERPOOL drawing another day all right. Hope to be good because i really work out the bird ah' hehehe :)

Until see you again next time :) Have a good day and have a BLAST! :) smile~

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