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Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Breathing is the word that i need it right now. Recently, i am not in a very good condition since i still thinking about my future in front. What do i need in this world? seriously i told you this before i cannot wait a new year event. This is why we need change and twist our life into a good thing. It is simple and undifficult..Ok i just want to share about my sucks day without anything like a handphone. Why in this world like a teenagers have a mobile phone? are you guys not have any problem with buying the credit then do that, do this? i am seriously that i do not have a handphone. Hehe..my dad is wait when you got your own money and jobs..bla..bla..bla.. I am jobless right now..Well technically i have my applying job in everwhere but no answers.. I am not suit enough haha..In a mean time i have to attent my pri-va-ca-te school~ i am studying every school holiday and i got a lot to think of. Especially more into economy, then fact essay. Heh' well i like to learn something new and big and need to use my brain to think it deep.Seriously you will like it especially something we did not think about it before you know. Hehe..Well i do not want to crack my brain to think this for the mean time..Ok change subjects..
Oh i remember that i bought 2 dvds called 'SPECTACULAR and 'BETH COOPER, I LOVE YOU' i love both of this dvds. It comedy,romance with plus plus cute guys hehe.. i crush to Avan jogia actually. He is cute and don't be jealous i got his huge poster.. hek hek.. :P

avan jogia Pictures, Images and Photos
And this is the real him. Can you imagine how perfect he is Heh' i saw him in spectacular movie in my dvds then i was remember that he is the one in my popstar magazine. Hehe.. you know in spectacular the way he talk. He got this indian accent and it freaking cute. :D and i found out that he is born on 1992. Hacks! He's like 20 above for me. Mature Avan!

Today is the end of 'Hot shot'. I am gonna miss this taiwan amazing speechless word basketball..especially JERRY YAN! here it he.. :) wo ai ni jerry! apakan-- random crazy haha..

Jerry Yan Pictures, Images and Photos

Wow such a sexy picture.. Haha never mind then. I can see him like everyday in my BLOG! can you believe this? hehe.... :)

So this is it from me now. Actually i got a lot of stuff to share but i forgot.. hehe..

Bye! bye!


♥just smile
8:43 PM