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Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Seriously i dunno what to write. I am damn idealess.. Gah help me. Oh yaa i remember that last two days i was at Serasa Beach with family. It's a great weekdays at the beach you know. It so peaceful and the wind breeze my hair. I love the beach but i dislike the heat and the mud. Seriously it's damn messy and dirty and uncomfortable. Hahaha..

That is me with that back view.. It's very beautiful and i like it.. haha.. and next to me is my niece, Afrina and her maid, Ani.. i love the sea..damn! :)

My sister camp with her family..Well except us(my parents, me and my other sister). I like camping but sometime i'm not.. Freak me out..

Actually i got a lot of story to share.. like this mean time i design a dress, watch dvds, revise my english, search and analysis something and asking too many question. I hope i got all the answer.. haha..so wish me luck :) I will update next year for wishing a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010. And tell you whether i got any revolution to stay or not? Mmmm.. wondering isnt' it?

Good girl



♥just smile
10:20 PM

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A secret in secret that you will never know when it going to tell you the mystery. Sometime it freak me out when i read a book about mystery or supernatural books.. Like me i recently read about 'Misteri Dunia: Rahsia si sebalik rahsia. My mom bought it at Miri on Monday. I know she's really a big fan with supernatural and eerie things. I do like it too.. hahaha :) We shared the same interest. All right that book wrote by a young journalist name Nasron Sira Rahim. He investigate all the supernatural fact that we not even thing before. I mean i cannot know this thing if he not write this book. It amazing. Even i am not finish read this book, yet i know this book are better than the other books. It product by Malaysia, itself. He is very talented. He collects 54 mysterious stories that cover people, places, creatures, history, phenomena and space. We will be found out about all the history about this book. I know it sound creepy but me after i read this book i can find the interest about it.
One of my favourite is about Mono Lisa. It drew by Leonardo Da Vinci. Everybody found out the curiousity on that picture. I felt it too. I wish i can see it live at where they put the original picture of her. I want to see Mona Lisa's smile :) I need to research this fact about Mona Lisa and Leonardo Da Vinci..This activity going to be fun! huahaha.. Love to research the history that happened during 17th century.

~Leonardo Da Vinci~

Other than this story, Nasron also put a story about Dracula, which i found out that Dracula is the merciless creature. He or it i dunno that Dracula freak me out. He actually unsucks the blood vice versa those creature slaughter it too bad! It's a phenomenon. Can you imagine in Romania where this creature killed like even thing it first. I am afraid of his rule. I mean yaa you guys should read it by yourself. You will more understand about it. Maybe you can search about Dracula. It happened like hell.. Wuuuuu. Then there is more about the stories that he collects.. It's worth to read the book. I recommend you to read this immediately. Now! hahaha

I guess that's all.

Good girl


♥just smile
9:40 PM

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dear Blog,

Life is full of eagerness, happiness, loneliness, hopeless and merciless.I've got nothing to say why is my life is an average. I am a simple person and not even a royalty. I am glad i am not! If you ask me about my status, jobs and boyfriend. It is not a secret to hide. I am not rich but my life is full of bliss. I am student and unemployment. Despite, i want to find a job, i ended up a choosing type. Well, i try not to be because thats hard.And, i don't have a boyfriend. This is a great thing. i relief. Urmm just because one, i am not stress to think about him or who is he with and where is he going. Second, i am not worry to have many boys to talk with and share something and third i can idol a cute actors whenever i want because if i have a boyfriend, they freaking jealous, which i hates about it. What is wrong to like a cute actors. Huh? whatever. So, that is a meaning of life. There is no secret that nobody know. Just 'us' . So why you should keep a secret if you kill someone? Let's me scream. I KILL SOMEONE! Do you want to arrest me? Come on.. Just kick my ass to the prison. Hahaha kidding! Fool.. I just doing this for fun. What to kill a person if i remember the sin! (sigh) However, the more you hide that damn secret, the more suffer you get. Your life tremble and useless. Do you rather to tell the secret or do you rather people, first will found out your secret? Think about that :) I got a lots of secret. But then, i am not going to write it in my blog or else, wow! that secret might be not a secret anymore. Even though i told you not to keep a secret but this is not the right way to tell a secret. It is not smart at all. I concern about other people who might hurt and hates me or think that i am too open. And that is not me.

I give you a TIPS how to tell a secret. First of all, please just tell one person you trust the most. Remember just 1 person. Second, find a good place where it's quiet and away from distraction , and people. Then breath and tell that person slowly until it reach to climax. Make sure taht person have to understand the whole story ok! Not too simple and brief. All right.. That's all my easy tips. And yaa BREAK A LEG :) take my advise. It's worth, though because i did that.

Until see you again..

Good girl


♥just smile
8:00 PM

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Gossip Girl
All right.. this might be weird if i watch gossip girl. HAHA.. i mean this series are really good. So much drama, love, betrayed, cared and once again family. It relate with our teenage whole day life. Just like me. Gah.. haha.. i love Serena Ver der wodsen. She's so adouring and beautiful girl. She's a nice girl.. Outside and inside :) what i am trying to say is urmm i like this tv series. It's totally amazing drama. I am in love with Dan Humphrey and Penn Badgley. Both of this human are so cute. huh' hehehe.. :)
Everything in Gossip girl is so emotion and crying with so much kissing and sexy mexy love.. Hehe.. especially Chuck Bass. Man even though i dislike you well i still i solute you with your flirt casanova. I mean ChucK Bass come on!Someday if he pick me i dare to kick his ass before he want to flirt me. Not that i hate him but he's disgusting me! lame.. Sorry girl..No offense right? hehe.. someone will hate me.. Oh no! My opinion and jokes.. then let's we see about Nathaniel Archibald.. Or you can called him Nate..Urmm he is just an ordinary guy.. No special at him that i can see.. Duh' but he's attractive. i love him more in covenant. I can't wait to see him in Footloose.. That movie will be the best. Let's see :) In gossip girl, Nate just a little confusing with himself and too much problems with his parents and yaa with his exchanging girls. I dunno who is your real girlfriend nate. Last time i knew you with Blair and Vanessa. Hmmm.. :') never mind.. just keep your lips away from whore! :D
And lastly is Blair Waldorf whatever.. I don't care.. She's mean but then she's good.. Then all the way around.. I just like the way she can handle with her friends and family.. a good girl who lost her virgin with Chuck Bass. Not funny! however, keep it up!



♥just smile
11:45 AM

Friday, December 11, 2009

Ok.. before i'm doing my blog well indeed i have to visit Rob Pattinson blogspot. You know to check what his damn latest hot news on that dude! He is flawless.. Yaa i scream when i saw his new movie 'REMEMBER ME' Oh gosh! this is going to be exciting. I hope it will be playing at Brunei cinema. Huahahah..Now i watch the official trailer of Remember me.. Such a positive comments! He's better and better everyday. He's acting career is now excellent. He can prove to all who hates him that actually can do it! Good job my man! good American accent and So sexy! Heh'..mmm.. I'm not that lucky person who can get to know him well or say hello or meet him! IN YOUR DREAM! hahaha..oh ok.. never mind then..

This is the trailer and enjoy watching remember me trailer and yaa c u on 2010.. It's going to play in 2010.. So yaaa.. I guess this is totally different from his before movies. Hehe :D

Now is my update blog. Ok i just dunno what to say. For your information i have a curfew. I mean internet. I have to control it and my dad control me. I just have to surf like every 2 hours. Heh' such a freak. However, i still need to have a break. Just chill daddy! i am not that addicted to internet because i know when to stop unless if i sit an hours talking nonsense in MSN.. hahaha.. i am just fb-ing and blog. Then i watch youtube.. hear some music. So nothing weird to stop me or control it :) Then my family.. Yaii newborn baby recently add in our family. My brother's child so yaa.. It's a GIRL. Her name is Mariah Maisarah. Hehe that first name remind me to Mariah Carey. Hehe never mind. It's beautiful, though. Yupss..!

Then my whole life is full with movies.. I just watch The covenant a lot! I dunno.. It's an addict or maybe the actorS are cute and the plot is okay. I kinda fan a group of cute guys.. Hahaha.. The son of ipswisch! stop me. I know. Other than that i watch the 18th century movies with a lot of makeup on and the slang are perfect. I like it. I watch action, love, comedy... that morning i watch Meet Dick and Jane. Haha. Jim Carrey are hilarious! He's good! Like his sense of humour.. and more MOVIES! talk more about movies with me. Sure i can be your bestiee forever. Try me if you want yaaa.. :)

I guess this is it. I just forget the problems that i need to write in my blog. Shoot! never mind again.. i know.. so this is me signing off.. See you for the next new post and don't forget to say Hi to me.. :)



♥just smile
10:37 PM

Monday, December 7, 2009


Wow. It's quite long i'm not update my lovely and adourable blog! Girl are u miss me blog? hehe..
I miss you too..

Dear Blog,

Ok, today i am very happy because i watched NEW MOON with my two bestiees girl forever. Azar and Umi. Man, it's totally fun haha. We're just have some fun together and watch new moon. Shopping! Technically Azar with her boyfriend and Me and Umi just a single ladies today! It's so awesome. We're just going crazy. I bought new 5 dvds as well. It's not new. I mean most of the dvds are late movies like Pride and prejudice, Casanova, Chasing Liberty, The notebook and Torminated(this is Umi's choice. Well it's not bad, though!) hehe. Ok. Then yaa overall i treat my them all. It's so exciting to treat to someone that i really want to treat. It's satisfied me a lot! Thank you chicks girl love. Lol~

Ok let's talk about NEW MOON! heh' i mean ok first of all, there is about Bella's gradmother, she's dreaming like a maniac. I never want to scream in my dream. Try me! hahaha.. That's scared me.. Then Edward leave Bella which is make my life miserable without my love one beside me. It's pain! it's just the same as a knife that stab my heart away! Huh! Edward! Edward. Oh yaa the most favourite part is all about my JACOB BLACK. Do you know how psycho we can be i mean with Umi..when we see that Jacob is shirtless. Hahaha.. We are screaming. Hahaha.. Like ohmigosh! It's a droools.. Its tempt me alot! heheeh.. Then yaa all Bella and Edward kissing. Not interested! I like warewolves transformation between Poul and Jacob. It's scared me a lot again! hehee.. Warewolves are all sexy. I get my own pack of wolves that near me! :) Jacob Black. Hehehe.. And of course Volturi. Do you realise how cute those Volturi clan? I mean i find the interest. Hehe.. I like Jane. I wish i can be like Bella where all the people can't do anything in my mind. It's save me forever. And when i turn to a vampire i am the strongest one from the other. Wow. That is cool! hehehe...And over all don't be afraid to watch New moon just because you heard that they are bored!. For your information, It's not! In fact, urr i'm not even like it, seriously! hahaha. I mean ugg it's just the same. Nothing special except u see oh it's Jacob Black. He's nice and good friend. I always connect with bound of our heart. Cheh!

The end is ok i still stick with Jacob Black! I am Team Jacob Black :) Keep the pack and be a good friend always. I wish i can have this kind of friend. It's understanding and protective! :D


♥just smile
8:24 PM

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Haha i'm not even surprised what to be happen for december. I mean this is a good news to me isn't it? Hehe. I can't think anything! Gah..all right maybe i get my 1st trial license for 1 year. Yaiii! happy.. lol! then i get my full license which is on next year 2011 i guess. Still i am happy! but a little bit scared with the crowd and those thing happen on the road. Aler you don't have to worry just be careful and pray everytime :) It should be good! ^^b. Just have a nice and blast december because we going to turn a new year, 2010! i am 20! shoooot! hahaha.. gotcha!

Screeaaam! I am going to watch NEW MOON on december 7th on monday with my two greatest friends. Yaii! hahaha. Ok breath! i know i'm so excited! 100% EXCITED! man i can't wait to watch the movie. You know i walk around Giant today then i saw New moon dvds already display in front. Just to wait someone to buy of course hahaha..Which is i am not going to buy because lol what a stupid dvds. It's not in a good view and bla..bla..bla.. the audio is totally sucks and i can't hear anything! So with $4 wasting it's good to wait the cinema or wait the original dvds right? Yaaa it's true! heh' apalah.. Don't get too much excited to buy new moon dvds yaaa..i mean for this mean time laa.. Just wait baa yang original! Asteeee...

And this is my favourite Robert Pattinson's picture! Smoking hot good looking man!!! Robert Pattinson just marry me! Lol i'm a dreamy girl.

So that's it!


♥just smile
10:07 PM