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Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Gossip Girl
All right.. this might be weird if i watch gossip girl. HAHA.. i mean this series are really good. So much drama, love, betrayed, cared and once again family. It relate with our teenage whole day life. Just like me. Gah.. haha.. i love Serena Ver der wodsen. She's so adouring and beautiful girl. She's a nice girl.. Outside and inside :) what i am trying to say is urmm i like this tv series. It's totally amazing drama. I am in love with Dan Humphrey and Penn Badgley. Both of this human are so cute. huh' hehehe.. :)
Everything in Gossip girl is so emotion and crying with so much kissing and sexy mexy love.. Hehe.. especially Chuck Bass. Man even though i dislike you well i still i solute you with your flirt casanova. I mean ChucK Bass come on!Someday if he pick me i dare to kick his ass before he want to flirt me. Not that i hate him but he's disgusting me! lame.. Sorry girl..No offense right? hehe.. someone will hate me.. Oh no! My opinion and jokes.. then let's we see about Nathaniel Archibald.. Or you can called him Nate..Urmm he is just an ordinary guy.. No special at him that i can see.. Duh' but he's attractive. i love him more in covenant. I can't wait to see him in Footloose.. That movie will be the best. Let's see :) In gossip girl, Nate just a little confusing with himself and too much problems with his parents and yaa with his exchanging girls. I dunno who is your real girlfriend nate. Last time i knew you with Blair and Vanessa. Hmmm.. :') never mind.. just keep your lips away from whore! :D
And lastly is Blair Waldorf whatever.. I don't care.. She's mean but then she's good.. Then all the way around.. I just like the way she can handle with her friends and family.. a good girl who lost her virgin with Chuck Bass. Not funny! however, keep it up!



♥just smile
11:45 AM